Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Nope Naj i know you'e going to read this it's not cute...hehe

Ahh feeling fresh from that shower.. my brand mark is pussing oh well my fault anyways no one else to blame. Getting back to my PC i got another comment on my first blog (im getting popular ay? hehe). well im writing this is in response.

Two weeks back a friend of mine and i noticed the sudden emergence of "emos", (a segment of people characterized by the... well don't we all know what an emo is?). I quote from Paolo "they're like mushrooms!". One here and one there. In a way I find it rather amusing.

Before i continue... I have nothing against them (uhmmm well... yah *scratches head*)

Back before i was born and when "make love not war" slogans were popular. A group of people emerged... peace loving people who dressed in colourful apparrel... carrying guitars and writing songs. (Crap i kow this entry will raise too much trouble...) They were for anything peaceful and cared about the planet earth yadda yadda yadda. A strange but cool part of society that left a warm mark in the hearts of all. Though their ways were characterized "weird" or "strange" to the casual observer. They became known as... the Hippies. They seemed to grow in their number and in their unusual ways. But they became famous and they still remain the same... well the movement "may" have died out. But they will remain forever in our memories (i know this is becoming a drag to read and write as well... oh well).

Fast forward... They wear black. They have bangs (well most of em do hehe). And they're... well uhmm they're not campaigning for peace anymore but they have a mission.. and it is to... sulk in the dark, write deep dark poetry, whilst they cry for no good reason and slit their wrists, chanting stanzas from their poems. Like "suffocate me now as i have lost my wings and my urge to fly" or "the darkness has enveloped me and i think im going to drown in it".

A stereo-typical view of an emo.

Don't get me wrong though they're good people i have emo friends too but i just don't get it sometimes... why the emotion?

Sometimes some emo is weird and strange. But in my opinion its overused.

I know people who don't even have problems and try to be emo because... uhmm it looks cool (well i just don't get why the dudes look like chicks... hmm girls think it's hot oh well...) People try to fit in... and join the crowd but its a rather peculiar acting crowd to me. No offence.

There are three kinds of emo:
1. The Genuine (hard to describe hehe)
2. The emo in denial (you know the person is an emo but he/she denies it.. [ends up cutting him/hrself becasue you were to harsh])
3. The wannabe emo (you know the person is not emo but he/she thinks they are [end up cutting him/herself because of your statement])

Tell you the truth i like the first emo...

Well what is an emo? It still bugs me... if their all about emotions howcome they all seem so fun? :S really strange if u ask me.

I guess we will still have the stereotypical view of them.
But some of them are genuine maybe like 1% (okie it exagg. but that's how i see it)

What i don't get is why waste your time being sad, when you can make the best out of your life. Instead of loathing your life do something about it for goodness sake.

Hope i haven't stirred people up *peace*

And hi to my emo friends love ya all.
(Sorry for poking fun)

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wafi said...

hehe, you've maganged to turn the statment "emo is the new hippie" into a short essay. (well ... not an essay exactly but you get the point)