Thursday, 5 June 2008


When i was a kid i liked chess but my dad continued beating me ever since, and i sorta dint play it anymore until like last week... hehehe got into it again. Pretty messed up, a couple of girls thought i was crazy oh well hehehe, not my problem. Was at that coffee place in seef this morning, rematching against Habeel, and a two cute chicks passed by (turn renz...) one was my type (hehehe). Didn't bother, bet they thought we were nuts.

yeah then chess again in YM with Naj (i say Nej it sounds better lol).

Didn't know the trip was today school shched is messed up... i'm done with the IGCSE's just waiting for the results (why do i still have to get to school).

It was kinda messd up yesterday coming home from seef, yeah it was fun and we all enjoyed ourselves. I loved the credit cad incident with Nial, really slick man(hehehe). Was with the crew plus Grace. Yeah Nikz, Naj & Nada were there.

But there are a lot of things, in my mind connecting and disconnecting all at the same time. i don't want type the whole bloody thing down, scared it'll be too sensitive...

I don't wanna hurt anybody.

Too many people are involved.

But it's useless anyway.

"Me thinks Renz better screw it'

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Selfcentered said...

*punches shoulder* Give yourself a little break man. I kinda feel bad cause I think I made you feel guilty. If I am the reason... then dude. Don't worry about it. I'm used to it.

Check out the pics I uploaded. It took me longer than I thought.

I'll beat you at chess someday. *dreams*