Monday, 9 June 2008


knew it they don't believe me and the more i mention it the more they'll think the otherwise hehe.

the thing, is like my gum on my shoe now, just gotta get rid of it.

neweiz enough of that...

My friend has probz and i know i can't really help, i feel like i haven't got hands... kinda sucks but there's nothing more i can do. Is there? But i don't want to make it worse. I guess we'l talk about it sometime.


looking at the Gungrave trailer... i'm too old for this. hehe but i still haven even finished half of the other Naruto i have and im asking for bleach from Naj and Full Metal Alchemist + Gungrave for Wafi... crap i didnt put in the pictures for him ph well hehe i guess its too late now.

Nope im not a Narutard or an Anime freak i just watch it hehe.

My blog is starting to sound crappy hehe xD

crap its freezing in here...

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