Monday, 21 July 2008

Animated Shadows

I just finshed "Without Remorse" - Tom Clancy, i read it so slowly haha i thnk i bored naj by making her wait for me lolz last nite. I'm done with it epilogue and all i kinda predicted what was gonna happen haha. The book's setting ended in the Philippines, well sorta like that.

I still havent bothered naj, read the blog entry... sure i'll come with you. Just as long as you're dad doesn't mind a guy in a hotel room with his daughter haha.

crap can't go to jam today again no transport, if only kevin lived next to me hahamyabe id get a free ride.

I'm starting "Debt of Honor" - Tom Clancy today - yeash im trying to finsh all his novels but the set i borrowed lacks one... "Executive Orders" well prolly ill get that book and keep it. Looks like a really good one anyways. So after "Debt of Honor" its "Red Rabbit" till i get "Executive Orders".

I'm feeling nerdy... hell i'll play the piano a bit later... haha... yeah i needs to clean some of my electronic devices too...

oh wellz

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