Monday, 7 July 2008

Corrugated Plastic

we broke up today... (i seem amused) haha another to add to the list... how long did our relationship last?

a rather short period of time

another fling ends... haha

* * *

I did nothing today. Shoulders and triceps hurt from yesterday. I wonder if i ate a banana now and then, the potassium will help solve the cramps. My friend takes creatine but he's really i to this crap... haha. Maybe next year when i do get a gym membership i'll consider protein shakes haha. but im not planning to overdo working out xD. I need a new set of dumbells... *thinks*
Gyms are too far from my place.

* * *

i've got stuff in my mind...

well im pretty much done with today at the PC...
ill plug my psp (i wanna play SOCOM! lol) and phone and its off to do some reading...

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