Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Elleonore's Last Serenade

listening to: Stacey's Mom - Fountains of Wayne

hmm im thinking of blog titles rite now - notice all the titles are random - and i've decided that for a a period of time starting today i'll name them after girls who were memorable to me. hahaha.
(crappers this is gonna be a long period of time using only girl's names hahhaha)

its a typical day...
haha ... read... eat... lil workout

i got up late today. stupid blanket scared the crap out of me. since its summer i opted for a lighter blanket and it seems to be made of synthetics. as a result static enrgy buildup seems inevitable. thus when the lights are out and i run my hand across the blanket sparks seem to be produced and when its dark. u have a feeling that ure messing with elctricity.
A lil scary wen the opnly light usee is electrical sparks... from ure own blanket.

I wonder since "fart" hahah contains methane. could it be lit up with a spark? so if i happen to accidently fart and a spark generated by my hand combines. Would i like be burnt in my sleep coz of static energy and fart?


i was thinking of starting another blog dedicated to chicks i previously liked hahahah

prolly too invasive for me.


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