Monday, 28 July 2008

From a Distant Oblivion She Steps In

listening to: the television

I woke up at 8.15am and told myself ive got 45 minutes to burn til i really get up. I got up at 9.30ish. Well its a change from the usual, i just realised how nice it is to loaf around in bed. Just buried in deep slumber, sleeping to your heart's content.

I need to finish these books... got pages to burn... then 3 more to go until i return them.

I was up till 3am today, waiting for something, looping Palchelbel's Canon on my phone felt so soothing haha i regret saying that it was boring. Anyways i heard somewhere that a minute of relaxation is equal to ten minutes sleep. I couldn't relax that much my head tried to buzz with thoughts. At least i felt calmness before i slept.

Crappers i feel like a cup of coffee...

Amira seems cheerful as usual... talking to her right now. for a girl hu's been thru alot she's fought through so well.

Naj seems depressed about something. I've slowly run out of options, talking to her doesn't seem to work, but i guess pulling back a little and giving her time and space will work out just fine. I hope it does. I really want to help but talking to her will just reopen the wounds she tried to seal up. If i do talk to her it wouldn't be online, i guess these things shouldn't be tackled online.

I care alot about her - and i mean alot - and if she's depressed it troubles me greatly.

I'm really concerned.

I'm going to vacuum the house in a bit, probably get a bite or not >.<

"It's not my job to be concerned, nor is it my duty... but I am coz its love", Reniel Tengco

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