Friday, 25 July 2008

Holes in Her Plastic

Annoying day all i got was an all day lecture from my dearest Mother...

Talking to Sophie...

I didn't do anything the whole day except play useless minigames online. Well whilst i was at it, came the usual routine of talking to naj for over 10 hours haha. Since we're both constantly online and we don't get bored of each other. Messed up! >.<>.<> are they aimed at me?
We still haven't talked yet. *sigh*

--> Momma venting agen... crappers
It's getting really annoying now <--

I felt emo during the evening haha i remembered her, soon forgot too lol. Haha i think im finally over it...

chords for "Wake Me Up When September Ends" sounds good on the piano i should say... I ended up playing it more than 3 times i think.

Nope i still haven't completed "Fur Elise" yet... I've got the scores on pdf somewhere here but the printer ain't working. *sighs*

I'm still thinking was my decision when i was younger to take beginner piano lessons instead of guitar a good choice or not? Oh well... live a life of no regrets.

I did weights 4 hours ago. I wrecked something whilst doing an exercise damned glass broke.

okies i think i'll try to channel my anger today into something productive haha... (uhmm is trying to wreck a walll with my fists productive? LOL?)

My blog sounds immature... this feels like a random post.

okies signing out...

funny thing. i don't really like anyone at the moment haha there are some chicks in mind but nvm!



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