Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Hydrogen Bonds

I'm really annoyed right now.

If my dad wants to continue acting like this. I don't care anymore.
This house feels unhappy. It is unhappy, the constant screaming and fights, lack of understanding between all of us. I get along with them but sometimes they don't get along with each other, and sometimes we all don't get along with each other. I can see no respect seomtimes.

One painful thing: its my birthday tomorrow.

I wake up... after 5 mins or less someone is venting at me. What was it today? Waterheater?

Coming back home all i can see is anger next to me, in the driver's seat.

Sometimes u really get sick of it.

I don't want to go to any details,

I'm really sick of it.

Somehow writing this makes me feel guilty.

If only the world was a simple place maybe they could just make peace. But its not.

Maybe if anger could be held, and less words said. This won't happen. What a childish thought! It won't.

Prolly if i just ignore it maybe it will help things, coz understanding is not working anymore. Good thing i'm somewhat nonchalant about it. I've already gone through this last time. I'll go through it again. I'm quite emotionally stable, i hope it retains.

i don't want to write anymore. that'll be all for now. i'll get back to reading, it's still early.

God will help me.

Gah im becoming emo. Nooooooooo! haha

>_< buzz or nudge if ure ol

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