Friday, 11 July 2008

Into the Layers of Glass



too much caffeine in my system

i slept at i think 5... inet.. book... PSP

haha then thoughts... kept me awake for about an hour until saw sunlight through the curtains... zzz

i got up, switched off the alarm and dozed off i dint even know it was my fone's alarm... paolo woke me up finally at 12ish, i thought it was still an alarm but then it turned out to be a call and i was like "hello!!!" haha messed up *thanks mom for pointing out that i had a call haha*

got lunch, shower.. went to Paolo's... xbox, ps2, beat up Nasser, met up with Habeel, Nial and Majid came, went to Seef... (saw this Korean chick hmm if only nvm too late for that haha prolly older than me as well) left early ran some errands for my Mom.

* * *

I feel bad. Because she feels bad.
He made her feel bad. Although im not really blaming anyone (i feel like i am), i still think that she shouldn't feel that way. She doesn't deserve it. I feel confused as well.

She shouldn't keep it in. It's not healthy, in time it might destroy her. I'm really scared of that. she's become really special to me. She should let it out one day, all that pain and grief that she's keeping inside, one day she needs to tell herself to break that dam. It's been awfully dry on one side for far too long and a few bursts of water every now and then will never remove the dryness.

It's always what a person should or shouldn't do, empathy? do i still have that? i think i do. But it's becoming really harsh for her. She doesn't need or deserve this.

* * *

At least Sao cheered me up tonight. I wasn't really sad, more like annoyed... I've been having a good day and then this happens. I'll be there for her.

I've got other things in my mind too. I want to wriye more but its 3am i should call it a day.

God loves you Naj


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