Sunday, 6 July 2008

Is it aluminium?

HAHA im in a good mood... that's it imma copy naj hha

listening to: Feel Good Inc - Gorrilaz

im glad its fixed.

"did i do anything wrong?"
"did i do anything right?"
"i don't know"

is it gonna come back to normal?

looking back,
I can't believe something so trivial escalated. Do i regret what i wrote? i don't really think so coz if i did i wouldn't be true to what i said. i might think that some of the anger was stupid but was it?

* * *

an experimental teenager... wanting to try everything he finally has regrets losing her but now he doesnt know if he can do anything to get her back. but does he want her back? constant doubts flooded his mind... thinking, observing... in the distance.
they told him to try and get over but he kept a small watch.

wen he dint want to get over, he did.
wen he did, he didn't want to.

pretty messed up.

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