Thursday, 17 July 2008

Lycopene is an Anti-Oxidant!

Gah its my birthday today haha!!!

thats a happy gah if there is one haha

well the first hour of my bday was sad mom made me feel bad haha but we made peace... its so nice being a new age agen.

Ill just forget wat happened and when i wake up remnants of the sadness will surely be gone haha...

im trying to ignore the evnt though me and my mom are at peace now, hahaha still stings a bit but it was trivial. Ill forget about it. GAH just forget about it Renz!

yay!!! Thank You Lord for giving me another year in my life hopefully this year i'd do soething more productive for You Lord and for everyone haha.

its 1.23 am

gonna prolly get up at 10ish haha

we gonna hang later then get home to rentz haha

i'm gonna enjoy this day haha

najnaj! u enjoy ure day too haha! lol

maybe tomorrow ill make a list of thank yous if i remember haha lol

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