Saturday, 12 July 2008


uhmm Church today.

i think Naj is finally okay. Gah how much i care nowadays haha.

* * *

I didn't go shopping with the rest decided on going home after Youth Class, we went to Bahrain Mall, was with my rents. There were a couple of chicks here and there, i was surprised to get home and find Zoey telling me that her friend saw me hahaha. Wow seemed like everyone knew where i was. There was this hot German chick next to the apples and i kinda messed up, coz mom was dropping apples into the bag i was holding and i bloody dropped the bag. I had in-ear earphones on and my mom screamed at me and i couldn't hear her, and the chick just stared with her mom apparently, hilarious... haha.

* * *

i kinda think my blog is full of crap nowadays. I just write whatever comes into mind, and i find it rather annoying. I kinda expect everything i write to be something of "literary art" even though i know it isnt mostly. at least i've got one way of ending my day haha.

* * *

I've been doing nothing productive. Self motivation is coming rather hard when all you want to do is stay in bed and sleep. It's rather annoying - i've got so much time in my hands for me to spend. I have to spend it haha but i'm not spending it wisely. I want to go back to learning the piano but i feel really impatient plus my printer is disobedient xD doesnt want to print --> thus i can't print out the pdf music sheets i have. I play mostly chords now, it sometimes feels dull.

* * *

Everyone found out about my lil secret haha so i guess its not a secret anymore.

* * *

You wanted to know. I felt mad at him - enraged that he had to make u feel that way. If you didn't love him it isn't your fault and i felt like he was making u feel guilt. if he's changed because of you. That's his own problem to fix... not yours. Even though you might have caused him to become what he is now. Don't blame yourself for his soreness and biterness, he isn't being a man towards u if he's acting like that. he should learn to accept the fact that you don't love him or see him that way. if he's mad about it he has no right to make you feel shamed and down just so he can have a lil revenge. You not loving him back is besides the point of him being selfish towards you. You not loving him back is besides the point of him being rude towards you. You not loving him back is besides the point of him of him being a total jerk...

don't let your precious tears fall for issues like this, it isn't worth it.

it was never your fault...

You were true to yourself.

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Anonymous said...

To be honest, I'm quite intrigued that you actually have a blog!
Nothing humorous about the fact nor am I appalled, it's just interesting . . .
. . . ok, what the hell, I'm a bit surprised, haha!
Keep it up; writing a blog doesn't have to be some literary art, I mean, if it was then people would be winning, what, nobel prizes because they write their journal masterfully?
Lol and can you believe literary nonsense is popular (Uhh, like what?) Like, Alice in Wonderland! (Just sharing that fact =P)
Hmm, piano? Yeah, I have the same situation with that, go figure! And procrastinating . . . so hard to resist its . . . ermm, beauty? XD
Well, that's all so see you around! Today has been a random, weirdly exciting day for me!
Don't ask, don't ask! Appreciate every little thing, everyday!
(Ok, it's just a weird optimism surge, nothing freaky, whee!)
P.S. You should try writing blogs in Friendster. You might get a much better feedback from your friends there.