Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Paper Quadrats

listening to: Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits

Got up ten-thirtyish... fixed the bed and read a couple pages. As the habit goes turn on the PC and log in my IM programs. Tried to download this song in the Filipino remake version, but all i got was a bunch of wannabes singing and acting all gangsta and crap. Crap. Get a life! I wonder when the real version is gonna be up for downloads.

Last night i head the song and it reminded me of her, coz she used to like the english version. I was gonna try and dab what i felt out by writing a song bout her, though the moment was good, it didn't really appeal to me at that moment. So i just read, i did write something about her somewhere here. Crap. All the stuff i used to write, all gone now. I used to do it all the timeduring early highschool - half fed by feelings the other half by our devotion to hiphop LOL!

listening to: Check My Swag - Chingy

Reminds me, looking back, we as a group laugh at how we used to be, though we really don't insult our musical influences. it seemed funny that we were so into it hahaha... ignoring every kind and any kind of alter genre. We used to speak in "yo!"s and "@$#%^&!"s all the time. Crap i remember my baggy shirts, bandanas, du-rags, and caps. Hey w8, i don't mean we used to wear those individually, it was more... walking round in - spaceshoes, megabaggy trousers, bigass shirts, bracelets, couple of chains, durag, cap, bandana... even elctrical tape across our faces! sometimes (to imit8 Nelly lol).

LOL haha im actually listening to hiphop now.

listening to: Missing Ur Bounce - DJ Manny

We're over that phase haha thankfully at least we appreciate all forms of music now, but sometimes you find those highschool phases amusing. I mean we sort of took it over the top, bustin' our rhymes, carrying our knives which inevitably got confiscated by the teachers haha well i didnt carry one haha "safer" lol XD
Don't get me wrong i still love hip-hop hahaha i just find the crap we did hilarious hahaha LOL!

listening to: Dangerous - Ying Yang Twins feat. Wyclef

Its taking me so long to write this I lost the mood already, Mom kept bothering me about IMing her sister-in-law every other sentence i wrote. I feel really put off now, gah everything feels dejointed now... >.<

This is really annoying now, i've spent like what? Half-an-hour on an entry.

Gah its okie Mom has important matters to discuss *innerself argues with this fact*

yeash it would rock if we both went to China haha but they don't trust us do they? especially me, hey come on i'm Renz, i won't like harm ure daughter would i? *winks* hahaha.... yeah i realised we sorta have our blogs connected in one way or the other. why don't we have one blog thats shared lol hahahha. yeash u get some stuff for ure head k?

listening to: With You - Chris Brown

Gah im forgetting this chick!

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