Thursday, 3 July 2008

Sautee w/o the accent

i woke up late today... *sigh* was talking to Sao and Wafi till 3am... well wafi was useless to talk to... playing mgs the whole time... i think we're wasting our lives haha... but a week of slumber, loafing and relaxation won't kill you right?

i hope we watch that robot movie on saturday haha i was really looking forward to it for like a month now...

yesterday was kinda crappy for me, yes we both succesfully completed the 13 hour marathon without getting bored of each other. (yes i dint get bored of you haaha) well i felt bad during the middle of the conversation wen i gave her a lecture, and i felt worse wen i found out i made her cry. i didn't mean to break her dam down but i just happened to. maybe it was meant to happen, but that thought just makes me feel worse. she has depression and i cant help her. i guess the only thing i can do is be there for her. (yeash im here haha)

agenda today?

prollylunch in a while... weights, crunches, internet... the usual stuff

Church tomorrow, and then Saturday

really anxious...

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