Monday, 7 July 2008

Striped Socks

listening to: a commercial on cooking

ahh 2 years ago i think this was the day we were supposed to go to the psb prom haha it was raining that day so since Bahrain seems a desert we seem to get carried away...

We bring new meaning to pimping, wen we have our class pimped out too. Check out our fishtank... courtesy of Ahmed B. and Khalid
(Ahmed B. caught in the pic xD)

after the prom we went to school tired those guys from dat school get a holiday we don't. AnAccounting class seems like it wasn't only the three of us who were tired Grace and Racha seem wasted. Aww Sara always smiling...

as i sed earlier Bahrain is a desert island. So look what happens wen we experience a light shower. from the left... Hadeel, Noura, Fai, Paolo, Sara, Racha, Grace, Hanan, Haya, Me, Ahmed Isa, Habeel, Rami, Ahmed B.

Paolo thought he could fool everybody with his house of cards but look closely at the picture.

I MISS THOSE DAYS HAHA (Racha took the pic in this one) OH THE MEMORIES!!!

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