Tuesday, 29 July 2008

They've Fallen and They Can't Get Up!

I just saw my painting haha, for a splitsecond i was like woah... "what's that?!" and i stared then i remembered it was my painting. Iwas quite shocked it looked so good.

My second birthday gift from nainai!

Meh love u nainai! It's beautiful.

As usual being nainai's critic sometimes...
my cynical side hit in... but this time...
its actually really good, the colours all blend in, not to mention it feels so abstract in a weird sort of way. The woman was just there, she seemed to be one with the background but not a part of it. It really caught my attention.
It is truly maybe one her best pieces and the best thing is...
its mine mwahahaha


I'm getting it this Thursday at Shan's party...

funny, i thought those guys hated my guts. Oh well i guess its time for peace haha and i do provoke them sometimes. (Well most of the time xD). It's also Shan's bday so i have to be on my best behaviour. haha. Better watch Naj don't get too much booze in her system... >.<

I keep looking at it now... awesome haha.

Can't wait to get it... and i'm sure i'll get it framed

Gah i keep on complimenting now it sounds like I'm lying haha

Uhmm... ill prolly hop over Kris' house tomorrow and have a talk with (Te) Tihne i wonder why i call her older sister lol. Probably play some ps2 as well haha with Kristel hahah yeah I'm starting to be a kid agen haha...

I'm cheerful.

I had a chat with Sarah too, we talked about things and her guitar haha..
Zoey rang up... was prolly boring her she seemed like she was fighting with her refrigerator.

Oh well so ends a tiring day hahaha... i hope i don't vacuum tomorrow *-* NOooessz!


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