Monday, 7 July 2008

Translucent Screens

listening to: the airconditioning, and the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard

My neck hurts. I was playing SOCOM on my PSP. Good game, il prolly get it next week or so. It was so-so today nothing much happened. Im in a "fling" haha but nothing seems to have changed, i wonder hu's gonna dump hu? I'm having a problem with the italics right now. They keep coming when I don't want them to come.

after writing this ill probably make myself a list of what to do, everyday for the whole time im off school. it's going to be a long list. i hope i do everything that i put down.

i'm a bit worried on the layoff i have; since the British system and the American system don't finish at the same time. i found myself finishing "so-called" highschool, at the same time that college in Philippines has already started. It's a bit annoying now coz i don't think they'll let me catch up on a second semester. Thus, i have to wait till the next school year. Now that's what i don't like. Coz prolly the next college year back in the Philly willl start on March 2009. That's about 8 months in hibernation mode. I don't like the looks of it, i wanna go do someting constructive, but if i go back to the same school and continue with my a-levels, il have to pull out early not to mention costs and things of starting something u won't finish. I don't really think there are good British Schools in the Philippines since if there were any good popular ones i'd probably known them by now.

i have two more options:
  1. opting for a scholarship in the States but thats going to be extremly difficult to set up, but i really wouldn't mind the hassle if i end up in an Ivy-League institution. there's just depression to combat, id be extremely bummed out, depressed. i can predict it, missing my family and my friends.
  2. staying here in Bahrain. Cons: education is not of the highest quality here in Bahrain and it is rather costly, i still wouldn't mind since i won't be leaving anyone behind. I'll be with my family and friends. I'l probably do International Arts/Studies or Business Informatics - (but I'll be missing out on the various course opportunities in the Philly)

* * *

i'm really worried about my marks that are going to come in, i could have done better in all my subjects. there's the retake option but i don't want to opt for that. i really worked on my business studies so im expecting something out of that. The science fiasco is what's troubling me quite a bit. i didn't work up to my own expectations! i asked if i could be withdrawn (coz i didn't feel ready) and have my exam scheduled on the november dates, then the day of the test came... i - since knowing that i was withdrawn from the sciences - considered science out my revision list. i got a phone call that morning saying that i have to come to school to do the test. i didnt even study properly for that knowing that i had been allowed to have it on the november dates. so i did it anyways. its okay though i didn't pay for it hahaha.

I feel a bit wasted. i want to do something productive. i'm trying the piano agen but my fur elise hasnt even reached the middle yet, im trying to polish myself up as u myt say. i feel like i need to do something to sharpen my mind, i wanna go to school agen. last school year's work ethic among our class was almost nil. really troubling. those days i didn't think class felt like class sometimes.

i'm going to start on that list now. w8 lemme proofread this. *reads*

there done no more typos... i hope i go to jam tomorrow i mean later its 1 now haha...

so now i start my list... let's see... finish these books... *voice trails away* haha

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