Sunday, 3 August 2008

Dominique's Grip on my Reality

listening to: Pop, Lock and Drop It (remix) - Huey feat. Bow Wow and T-Pain?

It's amazing what music does to your mood. Highly remarkable.

Well today has it ups and downs, let's say my lil personal problem has left me emotionally messed up. There are things that i want to write down but have no more meaning right now so i abstain from writing them now. Probably later, some other time when i consider this week's event when I wan to reflect, not to mention its terribly embarassing in some way.

One thing I will admit, finally after so long, Renz has finally experienced heartbreak hahaha (and the girl's go wild!). Yeah, it hurts - wow - really does haha. Oh well, I've decided: I'm letting you go, if circumstances arise and I'm sincerely deserving you'll come back.

And yes with every problem there's a lesson... I've listd those down whilst talking to 'nainai' - it just seemed like the first three were simlar with the last one hahaha. It's my fault anyway, I deserved it. I deserved it all, but I can't dwell on it for the rest of my life can I? hahaha

I haven't turned emo hahahaz don't worry ppl.

I have to let go... I'm quite happy right now. More glad. The thoughts I had were harsh and they hurt - I'm letting go.

* * *

I've let insecurities rule me today, I've been thinking about too many things. You won't imagine.

Yeash 'nainai' has date tomorrow and I've got my eyes on that as well. Can't help it hahaha.

* * *

Debt of Honour is nearing its middle... I tend to eat the books nowadays. Well I don't want to be part of that common speedreader joke by someone, who was it again?

--> "I've read 'War and Peace" in ten minutes... it was about Russia"

Hahaha... I don't know if you get the joke but its a common one.

* * *

'nainai' seems worried... *sigh* I'll talk to her in a bit.

Amira is problematic as well, I think I've hurt today I'll see what's wrong tomorrow.

Hahahah these ppl are worrying me.

* * *

Due to transport problems I haven't being going out lately... probably this August I'll make up for it. I'm looking forward to Grace's Birthday bash... woohoo

Hahaha I've just stopped being pathetic... I'm back to normal again and newly improved too hahahaz.

My insecurities and slight jealousies are making me improve my stuff. But envy is wrong I know better...

I better watch myself.

* * *

A whole entry with in-ear headphones on. Hmmm... was anything wrong up there? Oh wells...


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