Saturday, 9 August 2008

The End

I think im forced to cut the period of using girl's names as blog titles, since various speculations have risen up. To answer what you all are thinking of, "what you're thinking off isn't true hahaha". I'm going back to random titles for my blog.

* * *

It's been a normal weekend i guess... I went to Jackie's bday party yesterday.
It seemed alright there seemed one rule in play however.

"if you don't dance, you don't eat" hahahaha

* * *

I feel like a really boring person today, there's nothing much on my mind.
Just had a phonecall with nainai I seemed to have bored her for the first time. Crappers. I suck haha. I'm sorry for boring you ><. She was getting herself done i presume, i wonder when she's gonna come back.

* * *

I'll probably sleepover at habeel's this week. Better enjoy my holidays.

Crappers. Imma go read. Be back later.

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