Wednesday, 27 August 2008


I got my Gi (Karate uniform) yesterday (it's 00.38 now so that's yesterday) and I can't wait till 19.00.

I've had another ego battle with Kevin today, he's learnt 5 Katas already - probably from Jay C. - that sucks. We have this thing of wanting to spar so badly, oh the male ego haha.

It's Katie's Birthday today I was reminded of it after I got an email from Friendster in my inbox saying that she updated her blog. After giving her a Birthday comment, I decided to visit the blog and have a look at the post that I was alerted on. It seems refreshing at times to read other people's blogs, especially hers. She's got a knack at writing I should say, really good insights on things and well developed posts. Plus all the colour and various other images keep you interested. Reminds me of Kal's posts in his blog though few, they seem to be of good quality. Makes me reflect on my own blog, sometimes you could treat blogging as writing practice. Trying to jot and type down instances in day-to-day life with insights into specific aspects of it.

My left eye feels funny, I've been suffering from eyestrain nowadays. When you've got nothing interesting to do except hang around online the whole day I think you'd suffer as well. Well I've got those classes to focus on now so I guess I'll be up to something useful instead of loafing around daily.

I'm actually rather annoyed right now. Someone here is bothering me. No it's not you, she's in the house haha. Crap how I lack patience, I'm going to quit swearing at all now.

I'm wondering if the Gi i got is rather big, I just hope it shrinks abit.

I'll be gone from the morning straight I have to got to the hospital with mother. (I just called her mother haha I'm sounding Victorian now O_O).

I think I'll leave the PC now my eye feels bad...

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