Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Sometimes God uses the most painful things in our life to put us back on track, as Kevin would say "it puts us on track and other people as well". It's amazing soemtimes how we tend to forget him and prioritize other things, like your possesions, your heart, and other smaller things. But the thing is we often forget that sometimes its not always about us, or rather its supposed to be about Him.

Maybe this situation I got in brought me back to realize that someone much more powerful can control my life, though i already know that. Probably this time it put me on track and fixed my trust in Him. He's working now, weird. I know. We all know.

Through every problem that we've been battered with, sometimes i often wonder: we tend to forget God maybe until the peak. He was always there for us just to give all our problems and give him our loads, but we were too stubborn caught up with ourselves.

There's a greater hapiness out there that only he can give, an empty void part of us that longs to be filled. We just need to cry out His name and tell him to be in control. We all need that love that can't be found anywhere else, a love that made Him send His Son to die. It's so simple. Yet we are full of pride.

After what happened I thnk this time i really need to rely on God - fully rely on Him - I'm confused as well. Things are blurry, I think a tough week has just fallen on me, but I need God. I really do, it seems too big a problem right now but he's there i know it. I need to trust Him.

There are things that have been broken and they seem to be unmendable but I have to keep on trusting and having faith.

There are endless apologies, too many people were hurt. Just too many. Mere words are sometimes useless in expressions of your sincerity, I just don't know now. I seem to be the cause. But i need to have faith.

God help us all in everything that's happening right now. We need You.

We Just Need To Call Out His Name.

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