Saturday, 23 August 2008


Mood: Confused

Okay, I'm half naked, and I need a shower...

* * *

I've been a very pathetic person this week, I had nothing but problems going through my mind. Pretty annoying when people know you as "happy-go-lucky" and rather bubbly. Oh well, we all have our pathetic moments. Just seemed like my moment lasted for 1 week.


Then I had to dip my nose in my friend's problem, well he told me to help so I did.

* * *

It feels like highschool all over again. This time new faces with new issues, and the sauce of it all: complications. Oh well. "Oh well" seems to be the only thing I can say right now.

I have a couple of tricky moves to make this week, they involve two talks with two different people. Oh well. Here we go again, I thought I left highschool business already haha.

Anyways, another hallmark to my life.

I need to talk to happy people. I've got people bringing me down right now haha

* * *

After the constant crap I got, I finally said goodbye to baggy jeans. Hahahaha.
Woohoo wait till they see me now

* * *

Nothing like good humour. Anyways I have more crap on my mind right now but I'm going to let it pass. I still have two talks to go before this thing is finally over. Well all is well I guess. I don't feel like writing about my problems right now.


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