Monday, 4 August 2008

"Haya Siberian Huskies are nice!"

My brand, a few days after the branding. Ouchie... hahaha XD

There I've been wanting to post this for some time...
Unfortunately it doesnt look like that anymore... its healed,
unfortunate? hahahaha well not really healed as its still there but it doesn't lok this grave anymore.
Well the story is quite simple I should say, one day Habeel had this 'magnificent' idea (sarcasm intended) of branding all of us with the same mark. More like getting ourselves branded with the same mark. So one day when I had my science IGCSEs to do - Majid, Paolo, Nial & Habeel found it very friendly to do the branding without me.
Hesitant at first i didn't want to do it, in fear of my parent's violent reactions. As peer-pressure might have it Majid got annoyed and told me to do it, so when all my tests were done we went straight to Habeel's and i got myself branded. the thing was i felt the brotherhood significance of it lost, when Habeel agreed to brand Hanan on her lower back. Nasty.
It didn't hurt actually, the spot was cleaned with alcohol, pendant heated to a high temperature and then applied to your skin, after an extremely short period of time. Presto, you're a human cow. it does sting i must warn you - don't try it is my advice - and if you were to flinch you'd get everything messed up. The pain is temporary since the pendant isn't left there for a long time - maybe around 2 seconds.
After mine, Hanan got hers done on her lower back. As predicted by all of us, she started screaming in false fear. Then with the proud boast "it doesn't hurt. that was it?" haha i still have it on my fone.

Oh well that's one piece of stupidity you shouldn't try!

hahaz it does look nice however and there's the brotherhood involved so... i guess...

oh well's your choice in the end.

* * *

I think this is the last of my pathetic hour haha.
Where is Saosie? She seems to be the pnly one around at this time. Now I don't have anyone to talk to >..<

* * *

Nainai is going to get a call later on today. If she's getting the job - wootwoot for her. Im trying to tell my mom to pull her strings and try to get me one. It's so hard to get a summerjob here in Bahrain sometimes. It's that i don't like bumming around and waiting for college to come right around the corner, i need to do something productive. Either a job or a class, or maybe if i get a job i can support myself to take classes somewhere, i don't really enjoy being a pain to people even my own parents. Let's just pray i get that job.
Well back to Nainai well she'll be working six days a week and its 8 hours I prolly won't have time to talk to her as much as before... crappers. I'm gonna miss her hahas - we have become the closest things in the island lately.

* * *

I wrote a separate entry before this but i'm not going to post it for personal reasons. I will post it maybe in the ever so near future.

I found comments on my blog and I didn't notice so i had to make a replies haha seems to be 2 weeks late by the looks of it. oh well it's truly the thoguht that counts.

I convinced Sophie to make a blog of her own, she's still new so i guess she has to get used to it. Her link is somewhere to the right over there. I don't think I'll have any time to read its 3 minutes till 2am. I'm not ready to sleep yet. Not really in the mood to, there seems to be a good movie on, but I've missed a good hour of it already. I'll probably catch up on my reading in the morning. Waking up at 9am and getting yourself fixed up seems like a good exercise for me. Early rising is a good habit, but I do sleep in on Saturdays. Oh well's the entry is getting really long now I'll cut it short.

I'll probably either log off now or upload pics. Oh well, until later then.


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