Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Strawberry Milk

I was at Jay C's today, went to that karate class he goes to, I signed up today. Whilst dragging Kevin to signup too. It's my second week there, checking it out. I decided to join it, since i need something to do in my holidays, I'll probably concentrate on it alot. I need the discipline as well.
I start on Wednesday and I need to get the uniform tomorrow.

Kevin was hesistant at first since it might conflict with his Church scheds, well finally he asked for the form as well. Now i think i have to get him a uniform tomorrow as well...
That goes on to my things to do for tomorrow or later (its 2.18am now *sigh*).

I had an interesting day today, Kevin let me in a little secret he knew haha oh well bummer. I need to control myself. Seemed like we wasted the whole afternoon at Jay C's playing craphead and PS2.

Hopefully I get to advance quickly in Karate, it seems like fun and serious at the same time. My sort of thing. Dad was a blackbelt. It's something i want to do for myself. Can't wait. woohoo

Reminds me, piano lessons again *sigh* I'm considering them nowadays. I started Canon >< yea which Canon is it? haha.

I had some more realizations today oh well I guess I owe them a thought. Crappers it's late I need to get some rest.

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