Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I love brunettes ... <3

I don't really feel inspired right now. Though it's becoming a common (and not to mention cliché >.<) practice nowadays to blame the "muse", we all blame it time after time probably for our own comic relief. (We could also speculate that the ordinary human always blames someone or something other than him/herself, which leads me to think of what the "muse" really is. According to the widely acclaimed and renowned... Wikipedia haha. The "muses" are a sisterhood of goddesses or spirits. They originated from Greek mythology. To think of it, when we blame the muse, responsible for the inspiration for; lets say the art of writing, we are actually blaming a "personified concept". Funny to think of it that way, don't you think? Another churning thought: words like "amuse" originate from muse. In a way we've incorporated "personified concepts" into our vocabulary, and when we can't write or if we feel uninspired again we blame "personified concepts")

Right now I'm actually a bit in a hurry with this entry, I'm going to leave in approximately 23 minutes haha. I always make it a point to be one of the earliest in the dojo. Okay enough of that.

Things I did today; hmm quite a bit actually woke up with a bare 3 hours of sleep i think, accompanied Mom to the hospital to get her medicines. Read a bit on Alexander the Great today, I guess when I get back home today, I'll be reading more on him. I've developed this urge to complete studies on major events and world players in history. I've always loved the subject. I could reminisce back to those days, studying the Greeks and Archimedes in was it Year 4?
I just never enjoyed the French Revolution and Bahrain history all that much haha. Oh yes it feels like a chore most of the time but at least I could pass some time studying and doing something productive couldn't I?

But is learning about the what happened before, in line with the belief that one should live in the oppurtunities of the future rather than the mistakes of the past.

As Wafi Al-Zawad (a good friend of mine) once shared with me:
"Instead of focusing on the mistakes of the past, live for the oppurtunities of the future" <-- to the same power not exactly word-for-word in acuracy but sufficient.

Oh yes, whilst reading Katie's blog, i was quoted by her. That's a first, feels really good to be quoted. Which leads me to the last mumbling of my mind I will deal with before I go to Karate. It's a message to Naj...

"Unrequited is undoubtedly a good piece of work hun, and you should be proud that you've been recieving a lot of positive feedback lately. Though I've only managed to read half of it, I still commend it as a good piece of work. I think that I won't be the only one to agree that we want you to continue it. Its nice that you're artistry isn't only visual based as it also extends to writing. Be proud of you're work, God gave you your talents, to the utmost best we should improve them and then use them for His glory."

Guys don't you think that Naj should continue "Unrequited"?

Oh well people I'm going to bounce, I'll be back tonight

Btw I love brunettes...
just saying haha

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