Thursday, 18 September 2008

Penguins Taking Over the World

As I am uninspired I shall blame the "muse" or the lack of muses around me.

Recollecting to yesterday's post, I told myself that I'd blog before i slept - after karate. Thing was after dinner I kinda felt so tired that I was sleeping before 11.30pm. Late? Actually not. My usual daily sleep patterns, let's say after I got into holiday mode when my IGCSEs finished, I started sleeping at 4 am. So that's like 5 hours earlier than expected. Okay this is boring me. since when has discussing sleeping patterns become interesting renz?

What's new
I'm invited to Maurie's debut tomorrow. Provided that I do not have certain members of her entourage savagely tear me to pieces for my presence there. I should be delighted to accept the invitation. It's more of a first for me (too bad I don't own a tux)... I guess that designer suit I have will do. Haha.

My cockiness gets the best of me again. Well I often wonder if my cockiness is actually a good thing, if I wasn't I'd probably have people scrambling all over taking advantage of me.

To think of it, it has gotten me into lots of trouble already, with a variety of people hating my guts for reasons still mysterious to me. Mysterious to me, its the cockiness remember?


Oh great I'm talking to myself in my blog ><

They say its great therapy talking to yourself. O_O

I'm not in the mood to continue so I might as well end this and read or something...

Blame amira for the lame title d:


Kal said...

Well, to least brighten our predicament, you weren't torn to shreds :) You turned into a rose, though I apologize if it was very short notice though. Anyways Ciao, always fun reading your blog.

Happy Hacking :D

Renz said...

LOL Kal I actually enjoyed it. It was a first haha