Saturday, 6 September 2008

"When you were small..."

I still remember those words my dad said on Thursday, as we passed those "kiddie rides" after we picked a few things up at Al-Jazira's in Budaiya. I actually miss those helicopters that take u up and down for like a minute and a half. They used to have them at that supermarket that doesn't exist anymore down in Gudaibiya. Oh memories, though I'm not in the mood for a recollection right now. I miss those Tetra-Pak juice cartons and nibbling on the straws haha wait... I thought you weren't in the mood for a recollection Renz haha.

I feel at ease, I love this mood everything feels so calm... you can just relax and enjoy anything that you feel like doing. I'm going to spend these two weeks reading and probably studying history. I'm quite up for it, I wonder why you don't really get in-depth analysis on 1900's history in school. I mean isn't that more interesting than the topics they give nowadays. I know you have to know the history of the country that you're living in, but how come the focus on that particular history seems to be so important. I mean how will students respond to someone talking about the "cold war" and "communism".


I also need to read on those topics in depth, I enjoyed doing modern history with Mrs. Zahra back in Year 9. That was way more entertaining than memorizing when the first aeroplane landed on this island or the location of the first oil well.

I'm getting extremely dramatic now.

Oh joy there's a correlation between my introduction and the other paragraphs, it's all about the past...

Karate was fun today, I learnt Kata 4 and a bit of 5... they were sparring but I wasn't allowed in since I was a beginner.

Oh well maybe next week, or the week after.

I'm getting bored. Ill write the list on what to research on in a bit.

Signing off.

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