Sunday, 12 October 2008

I almost lost my dad tonight.

I had a post in my drafts, that I was suppose to continue. It was about God. I told myself to finish it after three or four days, but I've let it rot.

I've deleted it.

An awkward silence befell us tonight.

As usual, in our "war-torn" house. My mom was complaining about something, and it seemed like another argument was going to brew between my mom and dad. I seemed to be getting used to it. I don't know why.

Suddenly Dad called me from the PC and asked if I was doing something important, I was about to retort. My mom was about to complain... when he interrupted by telling my mom:

"I wanted to pray".

Mom and I were really puzzled.

He continued with telling us his story.

It happened in the traffic light, that was in close proximity to our area. The lights went green and he turned. There was only one car with him turning in the same direction. Suddenly, another car who has apparently skipped the red light, at full speed, came blazing towards the direction of my dad and the car that was going into the turn with him.

If it was for a matter of split seconds.

I wouldn't have my Dad with us right now.

The other car was hit.

Not my Dad's.

Wreckage. Ambulances. And Police followed.

God saved my Dad tonight.

* * *

This was a reminder to my family. Maybe we've forgotten about Jesus lately.

I think we did.

God was trying to send us a message.

Though we have many difficult problems, some that take so much of our valuable time. Nothing is as important as someones life. But more importantly, He's telling us that he still is in control.

Jesus Loves Us

* * *

I realised that other problems seemed petty compared to the life of your Dad.

Even though we don't really get along... he's cool.

* * *

This event is a message to everyone involved and not involved.

But God still cares. I know he's watching over those hurt tonight.

God Bless them.

* * *

It shows how God's miracles and man's freewill run. The driver chose to over speed, the driver turning in with my Dad and my Dad were just turning in. God saved my Dad.

I don't believe in luck.

But I do believe in God's blessings.

God Bless You All,

Reniel "Renz" Reyes Tengco

P.S. Don't forget about God, because he still hasn't forgotten about you.

We saw that tonight.