Sunday, 9 November 2008

Hitting Below the Belt

Yes folks. I haven't blogged in since forever.

So before I reach a month without blogging and have Katie Lao whoop my cute butt, or have some people presume Renz dead. I shall blog.

So I declare that this entry shall be the longest I will ever have!

Okay so now where do I start?

* * *

*at this moment I've checked through my drafts to see if I tried blogging during the time I stopped*

My last entry was on the 12th of October so since its the Ninth today, I was 3 days close to having abstained from my daily (well not exactly daily) activity of writing my digital memoirs.

This entry shall cover different issues that occured during my blogger absence, and my staements and my views regarding each. As well as my random ramblings as usual. LOL
* * *

The weekend was interesting in a sense.
Unfortunately (though I have my own personal views which I will not disclose regarding this issue), my dear friend Naj has broken up with her boyfriend, and it seems like the dude blames me in a way. Now I know I shouldn't be making any comments regarding this issue but since it sparked up and my name has dipped in its ghastly waters more than occasionally I shall comment. I won't give any details nor mention any names than what is required.

Firstly, I have not attempted to steal anyone's girl during the course of my life. Though oppurtunities may arise in different occasions, I haven't consciously done such a thing yet. Nor do I plan on doing so in the near future. I view those circumstances as "hitting below the belt" and wrong. Though, I will agree that sometimes it might seem plausible that you could "work" to get someone back. In the case of Naj and her boyfriend I did not attempt to steal her away from him.

Secondly, let the world know that she is my "bestfriend".
Though through that sentence, enough has been said, I shall ellaborate further.
Who in the correct mind shall attempt to spoil someone's happiness? I will state the fact that during the course of their relationship (well during the earlier stages) she was happy, and as a good friend, or better yet a normal human being. Why should I destroy or attempt to withold someone's happiness, when they wern't doing anything deemed wrong.
Furthermore, being someone's bestfriend has its own obligations. Being there for him/her, giving advice, spending time with, being a shoulder to cry on, an outlet for stress et cetera.
So I don't think I should be judged for acting out the way I should.
There are other things that go under the connotation of "bestfriend" but I think we all don't need a separate essay on that.

Thirdly, a message to the guy:
Do not involve me in your problems especially if it appears to me that you have cuased them yourself. You wouldn't involve me if I was female would you? I was your friend before the relationship, seems like you have forgotten that

My apologies to who ever needs them.

* * *

What else happened during the weekend?
Lets go back inverse chronologically (couldn't call it anything else, lets say "backtracking?" haha)

Well I've spent last week (save tuesday) going to school in the mornings to pick up my requirements. I'll be back tomorrow to pick up the final bunch since the principal must be in by now. I heard she's honeymooning in Paris. All the best for her. I just hope she's back in by tomorrow. I'll probably check with someone on school for details later.

I could also ask if I could work in my old school until December, I'm not doing anything here anyways and she's probably in a good mood anyway. She'd probably listen.

It was Nial's Birthday onThursday and once again let's have a beautiful occasion spoiled with feuds. >.> . (This is getting annoying nowadays). Well after staying in school on Thursday I went over to Habeel's. Then had Dad pick me up and we popped over at BCC to have a couple of our mobile prepaid lines registered. Dad had to go back to the office to switch cars so I told him to leave me there since Nial was there anyways (he was there by himself, wanted to buy something), we had a late lunch/snackage trip for his birthday. But I had to leave early since I still had to run a couple of errands.

* * *

Bianca Shantelle

And no it isn't the new girl I'm crazy over. XD
Mom's bestfriend gave birth. I don't know when now was it the 14th or 15th. Anyways I popped over the hospital the next day. Anyways Karate was a walking distance away so I left the house at 2, and lounged there with the new baby till 6. It was amazing. Probably the youngest thing I've ever touched. Makes you realize how precious things are. A welcome reminder to the shizz that Mom went through giving birth to me, and the love she'd shown when she held me there in her arms during the time when I was only hours old. She probably wants her "blacksheep-of-an-only-child" to revert back to her once "baby renren". I love you Mom! hahah XD

Yeah, Tita My's husband, Uncle Pradeep had me hold the baby.
Crap I was scared.
Who would ever think a skull could be so soft. Scary

Well another miracle from God.
A new life.

* * *

Okay I'm getting really tired of this really long entry but with all first shall we end with a grand finale?

There' something I haven't tackled yet. Im wondering if I should wirte about it some other day.

Let's make Jay C. decide shall we:

Renz: yes or no?>
Jay C.: huH?
Renz: choose
Jay C.: link?
Renz: yes or no
Renz: choose one?
Jay C.: i dnt knw the question
Renz: that's the thing
Jay C.: lol.
Renz: just choose one: yes or no.
Jay C.: bhala k
Renz: hahaha
Renz: come on yes or no?
Jay C.: bleH
Renz: haha
Renz: kill joy are we? come on choose one.
Jay C.: i dnt knw the freaking question dude..
Jay C.: y wud i choose
Renz: hmmm
Renz: just pick one
Renz: hahahahhaa XD
Jay C.: nvm.
Jay C.: bhala KA!

**bahala ka - is tagalog for "whatever you wish to do"

* * *

I am getting tired so I guess we'll leave it for some other time.
Ill blog sooner folks don't worry.

love you all,

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