Sunday, 28 December 2008

Belated : )


***Merry Christmas***

to all of you!

Let's see im an odd 3 days late. But "better late than never" don't you think.

Well this year, I'll admit that I didn't really feel the so-called "spirit of Christmas", I guess it's just that we've seem to have forgotten a few things. For example the real essence of this season, which isn't of course giftgiving, though sometimes it may seem that way.

The real essence of Christmas.

Jesus Christ.

I think this year I've been far away from Him.

The true essence of this season is remembering His birth. The season where we celebrate his coming to the world in human form to sacrifice himself for our sins. The season where we rememeber what he did for us. I think this is this season's real essence.

Sadly, I didn't really feel it this year.

But nevertheless, I thank Him for his sacrifice for me and for all of us. Though Christmas might haven't been so "Merry" this time around. I think this coming 2009 we should be more "God-Based", and leave our old sinful selves behind.

Anyways rememeber what we were put on earth for.

Hope You All Had a Pleasant Season,
Love You All,

Renz Tengco

P.S. Jesus Loves You


Sunday, 14 December 2008

Dum Di-Dum

Listening to: Miss Independent - Neyo

Who knew I'd actually like that song. xD

Well I was planning to blog daily with a roll of pictures so that I wouldn't bore my dear readers, but as usual the procrastination got to me and I lost track.

I think I'll write a couple of entries later with some photos from this week. Oh well. I said "I think" not "I will" or "I shall". So don't be too expectant ay?

I actually slept quite early last night better than usual 4 am, I slept at 3. Yay? Hahaha.
Let's just say I was caught up doing some heavy thinking.

I'm quite hungry.
Renz is home alone again for the third week now.
I'll go get a bite in abit
Let's see if I do rememebr to post stuff up in awhile.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

I Didn't Know You Could Dance Like That!

After convincing Nial to create a blog of his own, I found out that his first entry is about me.


He's the one in the picture on my left, yes the other guy in the blue hoodie is the very handsome Renz Tengco. *erhemerhem*

In response to his first article, I am quite surprised that I didn't lash out at him. I admit he did get very annoying at times, especially when he curled into alittle ball in the sofa when he needed to have a "break" after hearing a scientific term. Lol! But as I said in my previous post he has good student traits as long as he works harder and asks more questions. (Like my all time favourite: "I didn't get you" - which made me start again. Now trust me that's one question that I like more than someone who just nods even when they don't understand.)

For the past three Karate sessions I've had him tag along with me, and hopefully on Saturday he starts. (Yep that picture was from one of the buildings of Sacred Heart Church, [where our dojo is located] yes I know he's smilin like a prick haha)

Oh joy, I've got my left hip bruised up nasty haha.

And Robbie is leaving on Friday meaning that we've got both Sensei Jess and Sempai on vacation, its just Sensei Mar left and the two other Senseis (Sensei Sammy and his wife [and I still don't know her name O.o]).

(I hope Robbie gets me Nunchucks >.>)

It's starting to feel empty in the dojo and where have the Pilongos gone too?
Plus that little kid who always cheers me on, the two or three other female whitebelts, Abeeja and Mico and the other two greenbelts. I hardly see Jay C. as well nowadays except in Church. O.o

Bijju was in today, we sparred. Then i had to handle the whitebelts along with George, err I think I'm starting to become a really mean teacher. My favourite phrase with the whitebelts (who are an all kid group) was: "I'm really not a bad person" followed by littany on how they're supposed to have discipline and the such.

Nial videoed my spar. Dad saw it and commented that I moved around too much.

I need to train some more.
Wait. I mean I want to train some more.
Either way. Still have to train.

I have Nial's form as well, that's it, I'm filling it up for him later. It's 2.18AM O.o

Now to publish this!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Election of Youth Officers xD LastLast Friday

We had the election of youth offciers the week before last. I'm VP!

Yes. It feels like I'm destined to be Vice-President of everything concerned with politics. Ironic really, since I was a junior in Church I've constantly been elected Vice-President, back in the days when Noel was around he was President and I was his VP.

Do these events foreshadow something? lol!

(Well it was never a big secret that ever since I was young I wanted to get into politics later on in the future, do these events signify that I should run for a VP position in government? Hahahahaha ow the thought churners now I feel this post is becoming immature lol!)

Continuing, we seemed to have nominated Kristine for every postion from President onwards and finally she won as Treasurer. (Well we did it mainly for fun as she didn't really want to join the elections.) Peace Tine! haha

Oh well... so officers are as follows:
President - Kevin Estrada
Vice-President - Renz Tengco (woohoo! haha)
Secretary - Jon Marasigan
Treasurer - Kristine Ogtip
Program - Gen Adapon

I hope we get to represent the youth properly and I pray that God watch over all of us.