Sunday, 28 December 2008

Belated : )


***Merry Christmas***

to all of you!

Let's see im an odd 3 days late. But "better late than never" don't you think.

Well this year, I'll admit that I didn't really feel the so-called "spirit of Christmas", I guess it's just that we've seem to have forgotten a few things. For example the real essence of this season, which isn't of course giftgiving, though sometimes it may seem that way.

The real essence of Christmas.

Jesus Christ.

I think this year I've been far away from Him.

The true essence of this season is remembering His birth. The season where we celebrate his coming to the world in human form to sacrifice himself for our sins. The season where we rememeber what he did for us. I think this is this season's real essence.

Sadly, I didn't really feel it this year.

But nevertheless, I thank Him for his sacrifice for me and for all of us. Though Christmas might haven't been so "Merry" this time around. I think this coming 2009 we should be more "God-Based", and leave our old sinful selves behind.

Anyways rememeber what we were put on earth for.

Hope You All Had a Pleasant Season,
Love You All,

Renz Tengco

P.S. Jesus Loves You


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