Sunday, 14 December 2008

Dum Di-Dum

Listening to: Miss Independent - Neyo

Who knew I'd actually like that song. xD

Well I was planning to blog daily with a roll of pictures so that I wouldn't bore my dear readers, but as usual the procrastination got to me and I lost track.

I think I'll write a couple of entries later with some photos from this week. Oh well. I said "I think" not "I will" or "I shall". So don't be too expectant ay?

I actually slept quite early last night better than usual 4 am, I slept at 3. Yay? Hahaha.
Let's just say I was caught up doing some heavy thinking.

I'm quite hungry.
Renz is home alone again for the third week now.
I'll go get a bite in abit
Let's see if I do rememebr to post stuff up in awhile.

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