Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Election of Youth Officers xD LastLast Friday

We had the election of youth offciers the week before last. I'm VP!

Yes. It feels like I'm destined to be Vice-President of everything concerned with politics. Ironic really, since I was a junior in Church I've constantly been elected Vice-President, back in the days when Noel was around he was President and I was his VP.

Do these events foreshadow something? lol!

(Well it was never a big secret that ever since I was young I wanted to get into politics later on in the future, do these events signify that I should run for a VP position in government? Hahahahaha ow the thought churners now I feel this post is becoming immature lol!)

Continuing, we seemed to have nominated Kristine for every postion from President onwards and finally she won as Treasurer. (Well we did it mainly for fun as she didn't really want to join the elections.) Peace Tine! haha

Oh well... so officers are as follows:
President - Kevin Estrada
Vice-President - Renz Tengco (woohoo! haha)
Secretary - Jon Marasigan
Treasurer - Kristine Ogtip
Program - Gen Adapon

I hope we get to represent the youth properly and I pray that God watch over all of us.

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