Saturday, 28 November 2009


So I woke up feeling sick. The Filipina Mom barges in and starts venting about something I barely care about and vaguely remember. The pillow over my head seems to be utterly useless at this point, and I manage to get 10 minutes more sleep, when I then feel my throat and I don't even want to get out of bed.

Funny it's not even a short story.

I roll out of bed and hit the floor with both my feet, in a manner I always do to get my lazy bum out of its abode. I seriously hate sleeping cause it's boring but once you get me started its a vice. So the sudden horizontal fetal position to vertical rise gets me out of bed, and of course Mom is still bickering away.

Hit the bathroom, whilst simultaneously flipping the laptop open. Check my sites, check my mail.

Mom still continues bickering, whilst I send a reply to Shereen who's had me worried sick.

Monique keeps me company while I reply to everything that went on while I was asleep.


Back online - interrupted by the family in Philippines - Mom's using my laptop then.

Back online ...again.

Turns out she's not dead hahaha. So that's all bliss.

I accidentally drink out of a rusty can of juice, and I wonder if I'm going to get tetanus.

It's 8.51Pm.

I'm not feeling well.

and I'm Dead BORED.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Let's Play.

So I'm currently at Nico's place right now, sprawled on the bed with Lester wasting his life in front of the PC as usual. Soo cute.

The rest of their family including Nico are in the living room watching TV.

I'm bored senseless.

Better Than Me

I know it's messed up that I'm naming the post after a song done by Hinder, even stranger that I'm currently listening to it though I've always had my personal opinions on their lifestyles... haha.

Let's start with an update. I'm single and I'm happy.

Since everyone can't keep to themselves [: and want to know the reasons for the breakup.
It's plainly like this, I made a cute little promise to myself that I'm going to try to be serious with the chicas, though it upset alot of my hombres I think I'm sticking to it (at least for the remainder of this year [: ).

Honestly, I didn't want to be unfair to her, and to clarify things. No third parties were involved and it was done quietly. I take full responsibility for the breakup, it was my personal decision. I don't really think there was anything for me to hold on to in the relationship, though she was sincere in everything that she did (at least to me), for my own personal reasons I discontinued our relationship. It wasn't rumours, it wasn't another chick and I don't hate her.

I just didn't want to be unfair. and hurt her more in the long run.

I feel bad about it - heck any guy would - I'm not an insensitive robot okay?
And yes I guess that there was love in the beginnning and it would be pretty much more unfair if I denied it so.

Was it infatuation?
I don't really want to comment on that right now.

I've hurt alot of people this month.

* * *

This part of this entry is dedicated to you, and you know who you are.

I never meant to hurt your feelings, maybe I didn't really reciprocate what you felt for me. But that doesn't erase the fact that you mean alot to me and I'm not going to throw our friendship away because of an inconsistency in our current relationship.

I never meant to hurt you in any way consciously, look I already know I'm arrogant and cocky, but to get all that from you, who I thoughtt understood me?

It hurt me somewhat as well okay?


Seriously, I love you. Probably not in the way you would want me to do so, but I don't know why I don't.

Look I don't want you to blame yourself and I want you to blame me instead okay?

It is my fault.
You're a wonderful person, I don't deserve you, maybe it's because I'm not ready for someone like you.

You'd make an excellent girlfriend. Even a wife. :]

You mean alot of me, please just don't throw that away.

* * *

Look guys, I'm arrogant, inappropriate, cocky, very blunt and a giant womanizing flirt, but that doesn't make me that bad of a person.

It doesn't.

And I know sometimes it's hard for me to say this to some of you concerned.

"You all certainly deserve much better than me".

Especially the chicas [:

But kidding aside. I'm bloody human and I get hurt too. When someone falls for me and I can't return their feelings I get hurt as well. You want to know why?

Because that's the time where your ego inflates, does a dance and realizes that you've hurt someone. Hurting someone, is even more worse than getting hurt.

Cause there's nothing you can do about it.


* * *

You all want to know why I'm not in a relationship?

I'm not a douche, I was.

I used to break alot of hearts.

But I guess this time I'm a more matured douche. [:

Though I tell the truth bluntly, it's still the bloody truth.

* * *

I read your last entry.
You have nothing to be sorry for.
It's my fault.

You want advice?

I'll contradict your sentence,
your friends are not you,
at the end of the day; it's you who call your own calls and not them.

My ate once told me something, "a relationship Renz is between two people, not your circle of friends, not your family, not your barangay"

* * *

To non-Fili people my apologies


* * *

As for me.
I choose to hope, make my own decisions and fall in love. If I were to get hurt?
I'd take it in the face like a man and move on and love like I've never been hurt.
Funny ay? So quotable, I'd pinch my cheeks right now if I could. Haha
Even though I've got an impenetrable facade I still have a heart and if you dont believe that, I'm sick of explaining myself.

It's my life, I worry about all of you too much sometimes. I should start making decisions that make me happy, because at the end of the day, I can only do so much for your life and it's still my life that I lead not yours.


I'm quite angsty right now. But of course I'm yearning.

As I've always said again and again: "Who doesn't want someone crazy over them and you're crazy over that person as well".

I'm a tad bit too optimistic I guess.

But you know.

I'm not scared to fall in-love and accept my faults, know why?

Happiness isn't received, it's lived.

I choose to be happy.


Monday, 5 October 2009


Okay folks.

I know this will come as a surprise to you all but I have to get this out.

I have a girlfriend. Her name is Farah.

She's beautiful.

* * *

Well to be honest it's been a really weird journey from the start, we haven't even passed the traditional stages of "being together" as people and a lot of you would call it. It's funny how we both realize that we don't know so many things about each other, but choose to just let everything take its course and "be happy". We've pretty much disregarded most of the conventions a serious relationship might incur but you know what we're happy.

I guess every relationship is weird. Not that I'm a leading authority on them (it's a fact that this is my first serious relationship), but I guess we'll see in time.

It's been 3 days and I want to see her like crazy. I guess I've followed Kal's advice and used my heart for once, over-analyzing aspects won't make you happy, the heart might be underneath the brain but it's pretty dead center on you.

I also guess not everything has to follow a convention, so what if we don't even know what pet names to use, or what our past histories have in detail... there's plenty of time for that later. :)

Well take it from me folks, it's either I've matured and used my heart for once, or I'm pretty loco.


Maybe a little bit of both.

Love you baby.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I seriosuly need to get back into shape

When I look at the mirror, crap I don't wanna look at the mirror right now.

I've been as Najla would put it "wasting yourself for far too long Bestie *frown* *sigh* *stares* *gives an intimidating look* *continues staring*".

(Do you know how long it took me to write that? My gosh.)

Well the day was pretty uneventful, I guess it was pretty bliss if you ask me. (Hints. Hints. Hints.)

I've noticed my style of writing has changed, I guess spending an hour on changes your perception on writing style.

* * *

But as I was saying I've got to get back into shape, I wonder what I'd look like if I was totally ripped. But then if I was totally ripped 'the chicas' would only consider you because you were ripped. So what's the point of getting ripped?

Useless entry I know.

Let me just post a picture!

Oh great the picture is all the way there!

Chicas like dogs ne?


Sorry, I'm feeling a tad bit uppity.


Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Return of the Shenanigans

For crying out loud I haven't posted an entry in like forever.

Seriously I wonder if I've suddenly forgotten my love for writing, and the long shenanigans I'd often tell people about writing as the only art I practice.

I can't bloody maintain a blog, nor have I maintained one properly. :S

Seriously I'm such a hypocrite sometimes. x]

Let's start with an update shall we?

I am extremely annoyed, my mind is constantly perplexed with the constant "crap" I get and I want to seriously murder the next person who would try and piss me off (or Soulja Boi - honestly I seriously don't get his songs sometimes, and how is his name spelt? Is it one damned word/name? Maybe his real name is Soldier Boy. No offense Soldier Boy! :).  <-- look a bracket and a smiley.

Apart from that, things are getting rather blissful, if any of you care to know, and I'm turning into a rather busy chap these days.

Okay back to my frustrations.

Did I tell you about how annoyed I was?

Let me tell you a little story, imagine you were a dinosaur and you were the kick-butt Tyrannosaurus Rex and you wanted to hug someone, but it was hard because you had small arms and you couldn't reach and therefore this pissed you off. (According to "scientific claims" made by Rita Christophi, some bloody high-school blogger who shares my opinions on things. Love you Rita xD) So every time you tried to hug that green dude who's always scared of you, you know that one with a Mohawk that's gotten so hard with gel that it turned into bone through its back? (Yes according to my research he had a hairy back so he decided to gel that too) Stegg Stegosaurus? You'd be unable to hug him lest you push your freak face in front of his and scare the living shenanigans out of him. (Have I been using the word shenanigans too much now? Shenanigans. Shenanigans. Shenanigans!) So then you're annoyed because you can't hug him because he thinks you want to have him for brunch in between your quesadillas. 

So in turn you want to tear him apart for being so judgmental, you know like rip his little head off and chew till your molars feel like their John Rambo (wait was he called John right?).

Seriously what started out to be a stupid story is actually describing what I feel. >.<

It's just that I haven't eaten anyone yet, because my last name is Tengco and not Lecter and I don't want a cheap Filipino B-rated horror movie made out of my story. (I love Philippine cinema but have you seen the B movies?) I wonder what it would be called "Pananahimik ng mga Kambing", "Rennie-bal" perhaps? And I'm not balding! >.<>

You know sometimes I want to do something out of care (and sometimes [only rarely] affection) and they think you wanna bite their heads off?

By the way for the record please substitute Stegg Stegosaurus for Polly the Penguin if you guys start thinking I'm a homosexual. No offense to that group either, we all cool B-).

For the record I am not gay.

(I think Rita is!)


Anyways the show is up on Thursday and you're all invited.

For a minimal fee that is.



I'm done with tonight's post...


Saturday, 29 August 2009

Empty Glass

Well the week was pretty uneventful apart from the more than occasional arguments with my dear Nikki, whom I really want to murder on more than frequent occasions as well, but I guess it's part of the package.

Let's see I'm alone in the office merrily tapping away at my laptop whilst listening to some trance from the master DJ himself, Van Dyk. I've been actually wondering fro a few hours now if I should get his album instead of the Classic Crime's one.

I've been drifting to electronica now, and I guess I need a couple of new tunes to add to my overflowing harddrive.

So why am I alone?

Well let's just say everyone is out or I've probably come too late to come with them, or have arrived to early to not wait for them to come back.


I'm seriosuly not in my mind churning mood, my throat's been iffy for a week now and it's seriously not helping.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Paper Hearts...

I guess I procrastinated so much that i forgot, anyways I shall procarastinate again and post up my short story later.

Later, meaning not so soon okay?


Thursday, 20 August 2009


I just finished munching on one of those caramel filled nougat based candybars and I feel like a pig.
I'm going to type a sentence down that I have typed over and over again throughout a number of my entries: "It's been a long time since I've blogged" - well not generically the same words but the same meaning. Okay enough with the long pathetic explanations of my absence, let's just say I "got lost on the path of life".

Damn, I still feel like a pig.

Anyways I want to cordially welcome my two new friends to blogger.

So can we like have a big round of applause for Rita and Diana?


I promise if I'm not lazy I'll post one of my short stories online later.
I just hope no one ctrl+c's it and claims it theirs.

I'm so full of it.


While you're bored have a look at this convo.

Rita Christophi: there's nothing to advertise.
Rita Christophi: it's pathetic ramblings
Rita Christophi: ...much like yours.
Rita Christophi: xP
Renz: i just noticed
Renz: we kinda write in the same fashion
Rita Christophi: coool...what fashion is that?
Renz: my friend katie as well
Renz: cynically ramble-some
Rita Christophi: ...yeah i kinda do that.
Rita Christophi:
Rita Christophi: is ramble-some even a word??
Renz: shakespeare made up words wen he coudlnt think of shizz
Renz: maybe
Renz: oneday
Renz: hahaha
Rita Christophi: ohhh yeah...eyeball and alligator's all i remember
Renz: lol
Renz: u know
Renz: i wonder
Renz: the real expression of language is not to express yourself in the language we know
Renz: but to express yourself manipulating the language we know
Renz: that is the only way we could ever really truly have expression
Rita Christophi: do you expect to me to reply to that statement, shakespear jr.?
Renz: compliment me!
Renz: hahaha
Rita Christophi: you're fantastiker.
Rita Christophi:
Rita Christophi: than mr. wafi
Rita Christophi: you're so smart..weeee...
Renz: why do i feel like hating you all of a sudden?
Renz: x]
Rita Christophi: that's what true love is about baby...passion
Rita Christophi: passionate love or passionate hate
Renz: gosh
Renz: hahahhaa
Renz: im actually writng an etry write now
Renz: lol
Rita Christophi: it's all about me right??
Rita Christophi:
Rita Christophi: 'rita's so amazing, i wish i could marry her but that would be statutory rape....'
Rita Christophi:
Renz: i thoguht i was so full of myself
Rita Christophi: i'm full of myself too.
Rita Christophi: it stems from MY self esteem issues
Renz: yes i have those too
Rita Christophi: i know.
Renz: i'm posting a portion of this convo btw
Renz: i just wanted to let you know
Rita Christophi: so it IS about me.
Rita Christophi: hahaha...
Renz: LMAO
Renz: not entirely you selfcentered ***************
Renz: XD
Rita Christophi: wow...i have yet to hear a swearword that is that long...
Rita Christophi: unless it;s mf-er...
Rita Christophi: which is grossly inaccurate btw.
Renz: i have to copypaste now
Renz: lool
Rita Christophi: have fun with that.
Rita Christophi: :P

of course if there are blanks those are yahoo smileys.

Be back in awhile.

Monday, 10 August 2009

I wonder if I'd win.

It's 2.56AM and I should be in sleepy-land.

Too many things bothering me though.
I guess I just need rest,
damn my selfesteem is acting up too.


I need to wake up fresh.

9.45AM would be bliss, maybe I can reflect then.


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Community Service


I'm at Alliance Francaise doing commuinity service.

Our servers are down, so I stopped doing community service.

I'm plurking and blogging doing service to my onlince community.

Is that still community service?

Au Revoir.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Metalhead Meets JRock

Jayce trying out his new look.

Fressh - with a double "s"

Honestly for a week now I've been thinking of deleting this blog since most oh the older posts that I've published seem to be very bland... and unreflective of my state of affairs. Not to mention I'm a fan of blank pages and new beginnings, but I guess this time I shall let perfectionism be one of the voices in my head that I shall ignore tonight. Throughout this paragraph my chain of thought has been constantly interrupted and I find that rather annoying , not to mention that I absolutely abhor being disturbed when I'm immersed in the literary arts.

This reminds me of one of those personality tests I took with one question that asked "If you were immersed in work and you were suddenly interrupted, what would you're reaction be?". I guess I lied there and said my reaction would vary from the two extremes since the only extreme that I react with nowadays is "extreme anger".

Interruptions. Interruptions. Interruptions.
I really don't have the heart to throw a fit right now, with all the commotion around me. Anyways they wouldn't know what sort of mental exercise I'm having with my brain right now and the enjoyment I get with writing about meandering thoughts and the analytical churning that I love to do.

Anyways, what are my plans with my blog?
Well honestly right now, I should really stop with the procrastination and blog everyday, for one thing I've always loved writing and here I get to write my heart out. It's a healthy mental exercise (I think I've mentioned that earlier). And I do have a few followers.

I'm not going to delete this blog because either I'm proud of my previous posts or not they are still part of my history and I wish for them to stay. Not to mention losing hose memories.

I shall quit procrastination!
I shall quit procrastinating!
I shall... *sigh*

Maybe I should add a few pictures here and there, to spice up my entries a little.

So folks consider this a fresh new post for a fresh new renzonator.

* * *

Let's just say that these last few days hasn't really been a walk in the park for me.
It all started with my ear infection.

The ear infection.
Currently on antibiotics, painkillers and ear drops, add the supplements and cough and cold medicine and I'm a junkie. Three cheers for that folks!

So after being delayed for a presumably 9 days, I managed to trudge to Alliance Francaise in Isa Town to register for language courses in guess which language? Come on?
Well for a couple of days I've promised that I'd try to come and register, as well as help around in their library but I haven't had the chance to since my maternal parent, which I often refer to as "The Mother" when I am blatantly annoyed, has been hindering me from going and the fact that Habeel left last week meant that we had to spend some time with him. So yes, I made the director of branch of the French government wait for me. Hey did I mention he has to wait for me again tomorrow because although I promised I was going to come in the morning I have an affair to tend to thanks to The Mother?

The Mother.
I'm also officially back to kick gluteus maximus. I mean I'm back in Karate as of today... wait did I also mention that The Mother doesn't want her only son kicking gluteus maximus and doesn't approve of the art?

Sarcasm aside I love her to bits.

One leaves forever. One is heartbroken. One is guilty for heartbreaking. One is a killer. One has been harassed. Another one is also heartbroken. One is going to get his gluteus maximus kicked by yours truly. The rest are all-for-one and one-for-all in driving me nuts by listening to them and having them comforted by yours truly the gluteus maximus kicker Renz Tengco.

A little ego from me to you.

Honestly apart from that stress. Im actually happy. I repeat happy. (I'm not on drugs). That people still believe I give good advice and I'm a good shoulder to cry on or punch or bite...etc.

Yes I'll be honest it boosts the self esteem. Food for my already hyper obese, heavily inflated, split personality I call "The Ego".

It touches my heart that you guys still run to Renz when you're in deep poopoo.
Don't worry you guys might be stressful and wrinkle causing but I love you guys to bits.

And that's with my sarcasm aside.

Oh well...

I'm off... here is a recent picture of me.

I was alone in my favourite shop. Yes I got ditched needless to say. They were buying bikinis.

Left in the dark?
I meant I was sort of with a couple of chicks and they let me off so they could buy bikinis, who they were for decency considerations I shall not name...

Smile. I'm hawtt.

My ego! It's taking over!  

Damn how I love the word bikini.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Thai chicks are pretty hot man

Listening to: Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic! At the Disco

Long title?

Yeah I guess so. x]
Well the day passed really quickly today, went to Church and got really distracted. I know it's wrong but I got carried away.

Went to Seef with Jay C., Mae (Mariam) and Momay met up with their friends, well Jp was there and I decided that I had to make the great step forward.

I had a chat with him. The thing is after he dated my bestfriend Naj, things have gotten really quirky between the both of us. I'd be a hypocrite not to say that in the end I didn't really approve of their relationship, not because I'm a horrible person (so Paula once called me x]) but because I knew it wouldn't really work.
I guess after trying to settle it with JP the biggest hole was fixed but I know things won't be quite the same, though I think the mere act of letting grudges go is enough at the moment.
I don't want anything to drag me down, admittedly I guess what happened was partly my fault. But past is past, we've all learnt our lessons and looking forward to the better future is a more useful exercise.

I've hurt alot of people during my stay on earth and alot of people have hurt me.
As much as I'd love to apologise for everything that I've said or done that adversely affected different relationships, or have them apologise to me viceversa.

I guess even with so much effort, alot of obstacles are going to be hitting us in the face.
Pride. Anger. Bitterness?

Well I just don't realy feel like sleeping at night knowing a bunch of lovely folks have something against my pretty behind.

* * *

After Seef we got a ride over to BCC and Momay bought another pair of headphones. Which really puzzled all of us, coz after buying a pair of Sony's he got himself a pair of Ear Pollution's.
Well during the car ride home however he did give the latter pair to me.
Told me to count it as an early Birthday present...

17 in a month folks.


Sunday, 7 June 2009

To have you fall into my arms one more time

I am now officially full.

I've spent the entire day clearing my stuff out and cleaning shoes. I never realised I had so many, so I guess my folks were right I do waste alot of money on footwear. It's as if i'm stepping on money don't you think? An ironic realisation. So technically we wear money, eat money, and soon if we are trapped into teh world of money. It will soon consume us. Money eats us at the end?


Oh I discuss these mental ramblings far too much.

So getting up at around 11AM, I was originally plannign to go pick up my weights and pump for half an hour. But I lacked the mentality to do it properly. So after a couple of sets I decided taht I was getting and nowhere and just loafed around online. But to my dismay when I do wnat to talk to people, everyone was online, but they were all busy.

Had my chunk of my flame cooked chicken for lunch, the started on my shoes. Which got awfully boring in an hour. So after 4 pairs were cleaned, I cleared out all the shizz underneath my bed.

The mother came in and "tried" to help, which resulted in me almsot having my chargers and orig CDs in the trash. (To think of it I am missing that Busta Rhymes CD -.-). Daym.

*Goes and grabs chocolate from the fridge*

Damn Twix White is just... Damn.

Moving onwards...

Chatted with a couple of friends and went out for a brief jog.

I should really measure that strip and I'll give you the details tomorrow.

But I was proud after about 4-5km.. I just have to measure how long the distance is.

I think 2.5 km in less than 7 minutes was that it?

I'm no triathlete by any measure... but its the start of something.


This feel like one of those accounts that you had to write during third and fourth grade.
Oh I really don't miss those by any means.

* * *

Before I have someone ask me what my titles mean, tehy're basically random thoughts that I don't talk about during the course of the day. Their origins are unknown, a thought, a craving, something that I had wished I'd told someone, a comedic reference to a certain event, object, work of art, saying et cetera.
Plain random would do as an explanation to them.

But they're not really random.

Well if you do wnat to know just let me know why I called a particular entry that.

Anyways before this proceeds to constant garbled knackerings.
Ciao... x]

Saturday, 6 June 2009

I Really Wouldn't Mind Strawberry Yoghurt Right Now

Hi folks, true to my word. I shall blog daily!

Okay Renz why do you suddenly sound like one of those cheap radio DJs?

Well getting up late provides you with zero benefits as I seem to realise everyday now. But you can't blame Renz can you? I sleep when the sun manages to get its big round celestial bum high up the sky.

It's now 3PM and I still have eaten anything.
Oh look the mother is here.

And yes as with all Filipinos we are delayed again.
I wanted to go get some stuff at the mall and I wanted to bring Mom along.
It's cause sometime sI barely see here due to the fact that I'm constantly out the house and when she comes home form work I immediately leave to do something useless around the area.

Oh yes...
Im getting told off for not having anything to eat yet.

Speaking about the word: "eat".
The past tense "ate", which we normally pronounce like the number 8, is actually prononuced as "et".

Oh well I'm mentally blocked right now.
I have nothing to say. Goodbye for teh meantime then.

Oh yes, Frances you should start blogging too.

There's Really Something About Underscores

Oh it's been awhile I know, I've just read Naj's last blog post and I'm not pleased at all. Forgive me but it still bothers me, because whether I like it or not she's still my bestfriend and I'm trying to look out for her.

What annoys me is that I was unaware, but oh well, I trust a resolve will be worked out. Right? :]

It has been rather busy since my last blog post at Nikki's place the month before last. However, though it bothers me much, I shall give you a brief synopsis of the events that had passed.
  • Practices for "History: A Dance Revue" - One word. Stress. or Fun. x]
  • "History: A Dance Revue" - May 8th, really not so bad for a first production. Kudos to all. :]
  • AS Level Examinations - Back at school straight after the production. Yes as I reiterated in personal talks with you all, the accounting exam felt like unlawful intrusion to your prosterior x]. Though I don't know what that feels like, I do assume it's rather nasty.

Well those are the pretty major happenings, the rest just circle around that. Honestly with my laziness right now. I couldn't honestly be bothered with writing out a complete timeline on the missing "unblogged parts of my life" x].

Well I just had a chat with the folks recently and it seems that I'll probably be shipped off to that tropical homeland we call the Philippines. Well seems like I'm finally convinced that university options there are better than the stuff we have in my little island of Bahrain. Though I wouldn't really mind staying here.

I find the prospects of leaving very promising (not to mention the numerous finacially and non-financially linked incentives that were offered x]).

Sucks really. Seems like we're all growing up so fast, long time back the only thing I used to worry about was getting in trouble at school, then the spelling tests that came up every week. It prgressed into fitting in and then creating yourself, which led to numerous mistakes in the process, that we subconciously still tend to repeat. xD

You were soon introduced to the older groups and their ways of thinking and acting... Then you...

-ermm I'm going to stop I'm awfully young for a reflection don't you think? x]

Chatting with the Ate and Kuya (namely Kuya Larj & Ate Steph x]), we kinda ennumerated the possibilities and oppurtunities of me staying in this island abode. It was another insight into it.

Plus a conversation with Kevin opened my eyes to practicality when taking up your degree. Seems like so much work to do right now...


Oh oh yeah. xD

I gotta mention this.

There's this game we played in Franny's place today. It was like 2 teams then team A gives a member of team B a word and the rest of Team B has to ask that member questions and the member is only supposed to reply with a yes or no. Until they eventually guess it.

I laughed my brains out during an interchange between Frances and Ate Steph.

(Accuracy of certain phrases and actual snetences not 100 percent LOL)

Ate Steph: So it's an animal?


Ate Steph: A big animal?

Franny: Sometimes

Ate Steph: Small?!

Franny: Pwede (English - It's possible)

Ate Steph: Does it live on land?

Frances (a.k.a. Franny x]): Yes...

Ate Steph: Does it live on water?

Franny: Yeah... pwede

Ate Steph: Is it an amphibian?

Franny: Errr...

Ate Steph: Frog? Toad? Turtle? Tortoise?

Franny: *exasperated* No

Ate Steph: Platypus? *raised eyebrow*

Franny: No

Ate Steph: Does it fly?

Franny: Pwede... Yes.

Ate Steph: O.o (I mean literally her face looked like this x])

Random Chatter: A flying amphibian? What? *Bursts of laughter*

Anyways thats enough for today I'll keep up with this tomorrow.

It's always nice to have a good ole laugh every now and then...

Till then. Ciao. To that "someone" ermm: "haha".

P.S. The word was "dinosaur".


Thursday, 23 April 2009

Crap Asbestos Traitor, Train to Paris?

Whew... Anthony was right it became an acronym CAT hahaa
Well its 10.08 am, and I'm at Nikki's place. Got here at 7.45ish (yes in the bloody morning), thinking that I would catch her awake like yesterday (well I had to wait for her to wake up either or) so we could finish the routine for "the hustle" in the morning.

Oh yea surprisingly enough I never write about the stuff I do at work. Well as i frequently say theirs a first-time for everything. Well I'm a production coordinator at ZCCB, and we do events and productions. Right now we're working on this project called the "History: A Dance Revue" which is basically 2 hours of continuous dancing onstage. The concept: the evolution of dance"

Surprisingly enough my boss (Nikki's momma xD) decided to turn me into a choreographer as well. No folks, I'm not doing modern shizz (I should thank my lucky stars [though I don't really believe in the concept of luck either way]), just the 70's and the hustle... oh yea a Greco-Roman routine as well, the concept of which made Nikki cry (well it's really the soundtrack I used most probably [trying listening to Hans Zimmer in an empty room]). It's my personal favourite since its contemporary in a historical sense and theirs a story in that particular set. My thanks also goes to Nico who's co-choreographing with me on this one, he helped develop the concept. I just hope dear Nikki would be able to perform it to Nico's and my expectations which I trust she will do. (Good thing she doesn't read my blog lol)

Oh yeah I read her blog today awfully long, Jay C. out of boredom logged into find so much random crap.

* * *

Hopefully today i'll get "the hustle" done with Nikster. I still ahve to move on another two routines and I'm doing a John Travolta inspired solo as well. Joy?!


Your opinion really.

I haven't eaten breakfast yet...


Sunday, 29 March 2009


listening to: an aspiring Filipina singer xD

Okay so it's about 10.20 pm and all the technology around me seems to be falling apart. From the certificates problem on my browsers and the synchronisations that always seem to fail.
Anyways, a sucky day.

Chairmanship at the MUN feels bland, rather I feel really n00b?

Surrounded by veterans and me still in the dark. Protocol doesn't come easy. Plus worrying about schoolwork and the production, you tend to forget to suck it all in and to put it in the best words "be a man". Hard in a way that you have so much responsibility

Sometimes I seem to be running in circles and not getting anywhere.
It's like running on a treadmill.
You get the exercise but you get no sense of achievement, the monotony of it causes the reaction, different from a real hike in the sense that accomplishment seems to be so easy to grasp.

The feeling of fulfilment complete.

I guess it's time for me to suck it all up.

You pervert!


Enough with the venting...

Friday, 20 March 2009


listening to: the airconditioning

I just got home from the now becoming ritual of clubbing every weekend. Honestly I feel rtaher guilty since I feel I don't work hard enought to desreve anight out, but frequent "burnouts" probably mean I do deserve a night out. Anyways we went to this place to check out James and his crew, I'm hands down on their perofrmance they did put on quite a show. Now I have no second thoughts of having them at ZCCB. They are assets xD.

Awww there I go with the compliments.

I feel like I've been giving out too many nowadays. Nobody really believes stuff I say, it gets rather annoyining since I promised myself I'd mean everything I say, people still don;t belive me.


* * *

I'm officially registered to do my A-level examinations on June, this means straight two months of constant studying. I'm worried really... I really want to do well but I feel like I'm not doing enough... There's just too much on my mind. I know I can probably manged but I really need a breather right now. I already got to the party wind now i need a winddown.

What would be nice?

Right now.

Probably a massage...
Someone to talk or vent on for an hour
and some comfort food... please.

it's 2.21 am
I think I need some sleep.

Why is everyone sleeping?!


Monday, 9 March 2009

Post 67

listening to: the television and the hum of the coolers

This is post Number 67 and my stomach hurts really badly. 

I had some milk. I figured it would neutralise whatever acid I had in there causing it but it still aches badly. 

I just finished deleting all my mail and read all he Investopedia mails I got sent. It was a slight pain but you do learn something, I think that ws one of the purposes I subscribed to their mailing list.

I often wonder am I really making the right choice to pursue business?


My stomach is hurting me badly.

We had the youth presentation today at the Sunday Service at Church. I think it was a success and I have a video of it in my camera, it was cool watching it all you see was our white gloved hands. Thank you Lord for that.

Man this hurts bad. >.<

Don't you often find it funny that people complain about not being in relationships when they don't even being single. Half the people who say they're single and happy are all probably a bunch of hypocrites. Sometimes saying you enjoy something completely different is just a method to attract attention. Other times the person could actually be right but I often wonder when you are in a relationship would think vice-versa: "what did being single feel like?"

Strange huh?


But you know theirs always that kick in being in a relationship taht we're all looking for. That's one reason why we never enjoy being single and never are actively single but more passively.

I'm not even making sense.

I have Karate tomorrow.

There I have to go out in the night then. 

I don't remember what it feels like staying at home for the whole day anymore.

I have a ton of accounting homework x(

I'm acting like a kid now...


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Mawashi Geri

listening to: Losing Sight - As I Lay Dying

Today we've got the hand mime presentation in Church so I can't go to work today.

Reminds me I still have to check on this "one", I have to see if she's alright. I'll probably do it tonight.

I've had a strange realisation today.

Sometimes instead of being a good friend I end up being a teacher. At most times friends need you as a friend. Sometimes I tend to use my brain more than my heart coz deep inside I care about my friends so much that I find myself accountable for anything bad that happens to them. That' why I end up giving lectures instead of giving them the listening ear. But as Amira often tells me, I've got to use my heart. Yes I can reprimand and use my logic, but I'm not going to be a good person until I learn to use my heart.

* * *

We have ticket prices ready already and its all bliss. We just have to recheck on things. Then onwards we go.

I want more work on my head at the office actually.

I registered for a couple of exams btw, tahts about 5 units that have my name down for.

Oh crap, I have a ton of Accounting homework. I'll do it tomorrow.


Was that the silent voice of prcrastination Renzo?



Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Con te partiro

listening to: Ballade Pour Adeline - Richard Clayderman
mood: annoyed

I think the most common emotion I often experience is one of annoyance.
To put it this way it is getting really annoying that you're often annoyed.
Honestly. I don't know if I even made sense up there.

Today was Mom's birthday, unfortunately it passed without anything too extravagant since dinner arrangements were postponed till Friday (everyone was busy or too caught up with appointments). Bummer really I was expecting a formal sitdown thing today. I guess I have to wait till tomorrow.

Day went off with the usual stuff, had an economics lesson in the fourth period then a business one at 12.30. I left school at 1.30 ish to go pick up Habeel's new puppies. They got two pugs, who scared the crap out of Pierre - his toy poodle- when he finally put them all together at his place. Had lunch with him and Haya then got picked up by the folks. Lazed around in bed had some Cinnabon. Studied for an hour. Went online and chatted for awhile. Left the house at around 7.30, got to Church at about 8.06 pm. We had practice for this presentation on Sunday. (Btw I was an hour late *sigh*)

Went to Nikki's place with Jayce to pick up Toorani's charger and my N95 after practice and stayed for awhile.

Walked back to Church with Naj on the phone, wondering where Jayce went off to.

Vented to Naj on the phone.

You know God is good.

He's got perfect timing, and allows perfect coincidences.

I got dropped off by Kuya Larj & Te Steph and I got a shot at some lessons on life. Things that I should've heard a long time ago.

Really surprising you know, everytime I had a problem the unique calculations of life had them dropping me off... alone with both of them to help console me.

I don't want this "problem" bugging me, or should I say "these". I need more time alone.

I need God.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Post number 64.


I've had a crappy week, too much drama and lack of sleep.

Procrastination seems to be crazy too.

From today onwards, I'm really going to start blogging everyday.

Okay back to the work I'm supposed to do.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


listening to: Right Now - Akon
mood: a little annoyed

Well I was suppose to post a super long entry on everything that happened during 2008. When I finally got to the last part of that entry, I started adding pictures. Then, poof! Everything went haywire, alignment went nuts, there were missing paragraph breaks.

Annoyed me so much that I decided not to post it.

Well I haven't posted anything up for some time now. So let's start with a little summary of my month.

I finally got a job!

Ironically, my boss is beloved Nikki's mom.

Well my job is centred on event planning and we've got an event up for show around mid April. I actually enjoy working at the office, almost all the staff are teenagers. We kinda run the show *chuckle*.

I love the job title as well. "Co-Producer/Talent Coordinator"
Okay, truthfully I don't even know if that's even official xD but it's what I do. Hahaha

Lately it hasn't been very eventful, but things are busy. Most probably it's coz I enjoy the job so much it doesn't feel like work.

Learnt any lessons Renz?
Hell yea...
My boss is my mentor.

* * *

It's 1.17 am. I'm popping over my old school tomorrow, I'm getting all my records. I might enroll into AMA soon. Yes, we all know its not Princeton or Stanford but it is very practical right now. A three year course at my age right now would mean, a completed degree probably around my legal age. Not too bad I should say. I'll have trouble deciding whether if it's International Studies or Business Informatics for me. As I said "practicality" is always a factor. Secondly, will AMA accept me with my IGCSEs?

We'll see after tomorrow.

* * *

My throat is messy, really hurts. It's nasty like having sandpaper rubbed on it.
Habeel has really done damage this time.

* * *

You know the future always scares me. I often wonder will this decision or that decision make me or break me. I've made many bad decisions in the past. But i was always a firm believer in the saying "everything happens for a reason".

Right now I probably sound like a woman in a midlife crisis xD

* * *

Let's see dear RenRen has to find a job that's he's good in. He has to assess his talents and his flaws. Soften his personality a bit, and shape up in his weak areas.

This is hard.

I'm not even thinking straight.

Well better start studying now, than wait to leave for Philly and bum around even more.

We never really know.

God help me.

* * *

It's getting really late.

I should leave now.



You guys should check out I Wanna Love You


no I'm not an old geezer who's just heard of the song.

It's the cover of Akon's song done by The Maine...

Take Care