Tuesday, 13 January 2009


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Well I was suppose to post a super long entry on everything that happened during 2008. When I finally got to the last part of that entry, I started adding pictures. Then, poof! Everything went haywire, alignment went nuts, there were missing paragraph breaks.

Annoyed me so much that I decided not to post it.

Well I haven't posted anything up for some time now. So let's start with a little summary of my month.

I finally got a job!

Ironically, my boss is beloved Nikki's mom.

Well my job is centred on event planning and we've got an event up for show around mid April. I actually enjoy working at the office, almost all the staff are teenagers. We kinda run the show *chuckle*.

I love the job title as well. "Co-Producer/Talent Coordinator"
Okay, truthfully I don't even know if that's even official xD but it's what I do. Hahaha

Lately it hasn't been very eventful, but things are busy. Most probably it's coz I enjoy the job so much it doesn't feel like work.

Learnt any lessons Renz?
Hell yea...
My boss is my mentor.

* * *

It's 1.17 am. I'm popping over my old school tomorrow, I'm getting all my records. I might enroll into AMA soon. Yes, we all know its not Princeton or Stanford but it is very practical right now. A three year course at my age right now would mean, a completed degree probably around my legal age. Not too bad I should say. I'll have trouble deciding whether if it's International Studies or Business Informatics for me. As I said "practicality" is always a factor. Secondly, will AMA accept me with my IGCSEs?

We'll see after tomorrow.

* * *

My throat is messy, really hurts. It's nasty like having sandpaper rubbed on it.
Habeel has really done damage this time.

* * *

You know the future always scares me. I often wonder will this decision or that decision make me or break me. I've made many bad decisions in the past. But i was always a firm believer in the saying "everything happens for a reason".

Right now I probably sound like a woman in a midlife crisis xD

* * *

Let's see dear RenRen has to find a job that's he's good in. He has to assess his talents and his flaws. Soften his personality a bit, and shape up in his weak areas.

This is hard.

I'm not even thinking straight.

Well better start studying now, than wait to leave for Philly and bum around even more.

We never really know.

God help me.

* * *

It's getting really late.

I should leave now.



You guys should check out I Wanna Love You


no I'm not an old geezer who's just heard of the song.

It's the cover of Akon's song done by The Maine...

Take Care

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Nial said...

hehey buddy likin ur blog there,i havnt really bloged for a while but i will wen a get that new pc ,it'll be alot better then ,anywayzzz i got to go ,skool in the mornin lolz its 3:30AM now :) lovin ya man