Friday, 20 March 2009


listening to: the airconditioning

I just got home from the now becoming ritual of clubbing every weekend. Honestly I feel rtaher guilty since I feel I don't work hard enought to desreve anight out, but frequent "burnouts" probably mean I do deserve a night out. Anyways we went to this place to check out James and his crew, I'm hands down on their perofrmance they did put on quite a show. Now I have no second thoughts of having them at ZCCB. They are assets xD.

Awww there I go with the compliments.

I feel like I've been giving out too many nowadays. Nobody really believes stuff I say, it gets rather annoyining since I promised myself I'd mean everything I say, people still don;t belive me.


* * *

I'm officially registered to do my A-level examinations on June, this means straight two months of constant studying. I'm worried really... I really want to do well but I feel like I'm not doing enough... There's just too much on my mind. I know I can probably manged but I really need a breather right now. I already got to the party wind now i need a winddown.

What would be nice?

Right now.

Probably a massage...
Someone to talk or vent on for an hour
and some comfort food... please.

it's 2.21 am
I think I need some sleep.

Why is everyone sleeping?!


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