Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Con te partiro

listening to: Ballade Pour Adeline - Richard Clayderman
mood: annoyed

I think the most common emotion I often experience is one of annoyance.
To put it this way it is getting really annoying that you're often annoyed.
Honestly. I don't know if I even made sense up there.

Today was Mom's birthday, unfortunately it passed without anything too extravagant since dinner arrangements were postponed till Friday (everyone was busy or too caught up with appointments). Bummer really I was expecting a formal sitdown thing today. I guess I have to wait till tomorrow.

Day went off with the usual stuff, had an economics lesson in the fourth period then a business one at 12.30. I left school at 1.30 ish to go pick up Habeel's new puppies. They got two pugs, who scared the crap out of Pierre - his toy poodle- when he finally put them all together at his place. Had lunch with him and Haya then got picked up by the folks. Lazed around in bed had some Cinnabon. Studied for an hour. Went online and chatted for awhile. Left the house at around 7.30, got to Church at about 8.06 pm. We had practice for this presentation on Sunday. (Btw I was an hour late *sigh*)

Went to Nikki's place with Jayce to pick up Toorani's charger and my N95 after practice and stayed for awhile.

Walked back to Church with Naj on the phone, wondering where Jayce went off to.

Vented to Naj on the phone.

You know God is good.

He's got perfect timing, and allows perfect coincidences.

I got dropped off by Kuya Larj & Te Steph and I got a shot at some lessons on life. Things that I should've heard a long time ago.

Really surprising you know, everytime I had a problem the unique calculations of life had them dropping me off... alone with both of them to help console me.

I don't want this "problem" bugging me, or should I say "these". I need more time alone.

I need God.

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