Sunday, 8 March 2009

Mawashi Geri

listening to: Losing Sight - As I Lay Dying

Today we've got the hand mime presentation in Church so I can't go to work today.

Reminds me I still have to check on this "one", I have to see if she's alright. I'll probably do it tonight.

I've had a strange realisation today.

Sometimes instead of being a good friend I end up being a teacher. At most times friends need you as a friend. Sometimes I tend to use my brain more than my heart coz deep inside I care about my friends so much that I find myself accountable for anything bad that happens to them. That' why I end up giving lectures instead of giving them the listening ear. But as Amira often tells me, I've got to use my heart. Yes I can reprimand and use my logic, but I'm not going to be a good person until I learn to use my heart.

* * *

We have ticket prices ready already and its all bliss. We just have to recheck on things. Then onwards we go.

I want more work on my head at the office actually.

I registered for a couple of exams btw, tahts about 5 units that have my name down for.

Oh crap, I have a ton of Accounting homework. I'll do it tomorrow.


Was that the silent voice of prcrastination Renzo?



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