Monday, 9 March 2009

Post 67

listening to: the television and the hum of the coolers

This is post Number 67 and my stomach hurts really badly. 

I had some milk. I figured it would neutralise whatever acid I had in there causing it but it still aches badly. 

I just finished deleting all my mail and read all he Investopedia mails I got sent. It was a slight pain but you do learn something, I think that ws one of the purposes I subscribed to their mailing list.

I often wonder am I really making the right choice to pursue business?


My stomach is hurting me badly.

We had the youth presentation today at the Sunday Service at Church. I think it was a success and I have a video of it in my camera, it was cool watching it all you see was our white gloved hands. Thank you Lord for that.

Man this hurts bad. >.<

Don't you often find it funny that people complain about not being in relationships when they don't even being single. Half the people who say they're single and happy are all probably a bunch of hypocrites. Sometimes saying you enjoy something completely different is just a method to attract attention. Other times the person could actually be right but I often wonder when you are in a relationship would think vice-versa: "what did being single feel like?"

Strange huh?


But you know theirs always that kick in being in a relationship taht we're all looking for. That's one reason why we never enjoy being single and never are actively single but more passively.

I'm not even making sense.

I have Karate tomorrow.

There I have to go out in the night then. 

I don't remember what it feels like staying at home for the whole day anymore.

I have a ton of accounting homework x(

I'm acting like a kid now...


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