Thursday, 23 April 2009

Crap Asbestos Traitor, Train to Paris?

Whew... Anthony was right it became an acronym CAT hahaa
Well its 10.08 am, and I'm at Nikki's place. Got here at 7.45ish (yes in the bloody morning), thinking that I would catch her awake like yesterday (well I had to wait for her to wake up either or) so we could finish the routine for "the hustle" in the morning.

Oh yea surprisingly enough I never write about the stuff I do at work. Well as i frequently say theirs a first-time for everything. Well I'm a production coordinator at ZCCB, and we do events and productions. Right now we're working on this project called the "History: A Dance Revue" which is basically 2 hours of continuous dancing onstage. The concept: the evolution of dance"

Surprisingly enough my boss (Nikki's momma xD) decided to turn me into a choreographer as well. No folks, I'm not doing modern shizz (I should thank my lucky stars [though I don't really believe in the concept of luck either way]), just the 70's and the hustle... oh yea a Greco-Roman routine as well, the concept of which made Nikki cry (well it's really the soundtrack I used most probably [trying listening to Hans Zimmer in an empty room]). It's my personal favourite since its contemporary in a historical sense and theirs a story in that particular set. My thanks also goes to Nico who's co-choreographing with me on this one, he helped develop the concept. I just hope dear Nikki would be able to perform it to Nico's and my expectations which I trust she will do. (Good thing she doesn't read my blog lol)

Oh yeah I read her blog today awfully long, Jay C. out of boredom logged into find so much random crap.

* * *

Hopefully today i'll get "the hustle" done with Nikster. I still ahve to move on another two routines and I'm doing a John Travolta inspired solo as well. Joy?!


Your opinion really.

I haven't eaten breakfast yet...


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