Saturday, 13 June 2009

Thai chicks are pretty hot man

Listening to: Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Panic! At the Disco

Long title?

Yeah I guess so. x]
Well the day passed really quickly today, went to Church and got really distracted. I know it's wrong but I got carried away.

Went to Seef with Jay C., Mae (Mariam) and Momay met up with their friends, well Jp was there and I decided that I had to make the great step forward.

I had a chat with him. The thing is after he dated my bestfriend Naj, things have gotten really quirky between the both of us. I'd be a hypocrite not to say that in the end I didn't really approve of their relationship, not because I'm a horrible person (so Paula once called me x]) but because I knew it wouldn't really work.
I guess after trying to settle it with JP the biggest hole was fixed but I know things won't be quite the same, though I think the mere act of letting grudges go is enough at the moment.
I don't want anything to drag me down, admittedly I guess what happened was partly my fault. But past is past, we've all learnt our lessons and looking forward to the better future is a more useful exercise.

I've hurt alot of people during my stay on earth and alot of people have hurt me.
As much as I'd love to apologise for everything that I've said or done that adversely affected different relationships, or have them apologise to me viceversa.

I guess even with so much effort, alot of obstacles are going to be hitting us in the face.
Pride. Anger. Bitterness?

Well I just don't realy feel like sleeping at night knowing a bunch of lovely folks have something against my pretty behind.

* * *

After Seef we got a ride over to BCC and Momay bought another pair of headphones. Which really puzzled all of us, coz after buying a pair of Sony's he got himself a pair of Ear Pollution's.
Well during the car ride home however he did give the latter pair to me.
Told me to count it as an early Birthday present...

17 in a month folks.


Sunday, 7 June 2009

To have you fall into my arms one more time

I am now officially full.

I've spent the entire day clearing my stuff out and cleaning shoes. I never realised I had so many, so I guess my folks were right I do waste alot of money on footwear. It's as if i'm stepping on money don't you think? An ironic realisation. So technically we wear money, eat money, and soon if we are trapped into teh world of money. It will soon consume us. Money eats us at the end?


Oh I discuss these mental ramblings far too much.

So getting up at around 11AM, I was originally plannign to go pick up my weights and pump for half an hour. But I lacked the mentality to do it properly. So after a couple of sets I decided taht I was getting and nowhere and just loafed around online. But to my dismay when I do wnat to talk to people, everyone was online, but they were all busy.

Had my chunk of my flame cooked chicken for lunch, the started on my shoes. Which got awfully boring in an hour. So after 4 pairs were cleaned, I cleared out all the shizz underneath my bed.

The mother came in and "tried" to help, which resulted in me almsot having my chargers and orig CDs in the trash. (To think of it I am missing that Busta Rhymes CD -.-). Daym.

*Goes and grabs chocolate from the fridge*

Damn Twix White is just... Damn.

Moving onwards...

Chatted with a couple of friends and went out for a brief jog.

I should really measure that strip and I'll give you the details tomorrow.

But I was proud after about 4-5km.. I just have to measure how long the distance is.

I think 2.5 km in less than 7 minutes was that it?

I'm no triathlete by any measure... but its the start of something.


This feel like one of those accounts that you had to write during third and fourth grade.
Oh I really don't miss those by any means.

* * *

Before I have someone ask me what my titles mean, tehy're basically random thoughts that I don't talk about during the course of the day. Their origins are unknown, a thought, a craving, something that I had wished I'd told someone, a comedic reference to a certain event, object, work of art, saying et cetera.
Plain random would do as an explanation to them.

But they're not really random.

Well if you do wnat to know just let me know why I called a particular entry that.

Anyways before this proceeds to constant garbled knackerings.
Ciao... x]

Saturday, 6 June 2009

I Really Wouldn't Mind Strawberry Yoghurt Right Now

Hi folks, true to my word. I shall blog daily!

Okay Renz why do you suddenly sound like one of those cheap radio DJs?

Well getting up late provides you with zero benefits as I seem to realise everyday now. But you can't blame Renz can you? I sleep when the sun manages to get its big round celestial bum high up the sky.

It's now 3PM and I still have eaten anything.
Oh look the mother is here.

And yes as with all Filipinos we are delayed again.
I wanted to go get some stuff at the mall and I wanted to bring Mom along.
It's cause sometime sI barely see here due to the fact that I'm constantly out the house and when she comes home form work I immediately leave to do something useless around the area.

Oh yes...
Im getting told off for not having anything to eat yet.

Speaking about the word: "eat".
The past tense "ate", which we normally pronounce like the number 8, is actually prononuced as "et".

Oh well I'm mentally blocked right now.
I have nothing to say. Goodbye for teh meantime then.

Oh yes, Frances you should start blogging too.

There's Really Something About Underscores

Oh it's been awhile I know, I've just read Naj's last blog post and I'm not pleased at all. Forgive me but it still bothers me, because whether I like it or not she's still my bestfriend and I'm trying to look out for her.

What annoys me is that I was unaware, but oh well, I trust a resolve will be worked out. Right? :]

It has been rather busy since my last blog post at Nikki's place the month before last. However, though it bothers me much, I shall give you a brief synopsis of the events that had passed.
  • Practices for "History: A Dance Revue" - One word. Stress. or Fun. x]
  • "History: A Dance Revue" - May 8th, really not so bad for a first production. Kudos to all. :]
  • AS Level Examinations - Back at school straight after the production. Yes as I reiterated in personal talks with you all, the accounting exam felt like unlawful intrusion to your prosterior x]. Though I don't know what that feels like, I do assume it's rather nasty.

Well those are the pretty major happenings, the rest just circle around that. Honestly with my laziness right now. I couldn't honestly be bothered with writing out a complete timeline on the missing "unblogged parts of my life" x].

Well I just had a chat with the folks recently and it seems that I'll probably be shipped off to that tropical homeland we call the Philippines. Well seems like I'm finally convinced that university options there are better than the stuff we have in my little island of Bahrain. Though I wouldn't really mind staying here.

I find the prospects of leaving very promising (not to mention the numerous finacially and non-financially linked incentives that were offered x]).

Sucks really. Seems like we're all growing up so fast, long time back the only thing I used to worry about was getting in trouble at school, then the spelling tests that came up every week. It prgressed into fitting in and then creating yourself, which led to numerous mistakes in the process, that we subconciously still tend to repeat. xD

You were soon introduced to the older groups and their ways of thinking and acting... Then you...

-ermm I'm going to stop I'm awfully young for a reflection don't you think? x]

Chatting with the Ate and Kuya (namely Kuya Larj & Ate Steph x]), we kinda ennumerated the possibilities and oppurtunities of me staying in this island abode. It was another insight into it.

Plus a conversation with Kevin opened my eyes to practicality when taking up your degree. Seems like so much work to do right now...


Oh oh yeah. xD

I gotta mention this.

There's this game we played in Franny's place today. It was like 2 teams then team A gives a member of team B a word and the rest of Team B has to ask that member questions and the member is only supposed to reply with a yes or no. Until they eventually guess it.

I laughed my brains out during an interchange between Frances and Ate Steph.

(Accuracy of certain phrases and actual snetences not 100 percent LOL)

Ate Steph: So it's an animal?


Ate Steph: A big animal?

Franny: Sometimes

Ate Steph: Small?!

Franny: Pwede (English - It's possible)

Ate Steph: Does it live on land?

Frances (a.k.a. Franny x]): Yes...

Ate Steph: Does it live on water?

Franny: Yeah... pwede

Ate Steph: Is it an amphibian?

Franny: Errr...

Ate Steph: Frog? Toad? Turtle? Tortoise?

Franny: *exasperated* No

Ate Steph: Platypus? *raised eyebrow*

Franny: No

Ate Steph: Does it fly?

Franny: Pwede... Yes.

Ate Steph: O.o (I mean literally her face looked like this x])

Random Chatter: A flying amphibian? What? *Bursts of laughter*

Anyways thats enough for today I'll keep up with this tomorrow.

It's always nice to have a good ole laugh every now and then...

Till then. Ciao. To that "someone" ermm: "haha".

P.S. The word was "dinosaur".