Saturday, 6 June 2009

I Really Wouldn't Mind Strawberry Yoghurt Right Now

Hi folks, true to my word. I shall blog daily!

Okay Renz why do you suddenly sound like one of those cheap radio DJs?

Well getting up late provides you with zero benefits as I seem to realise everyday now. But you can't blame Renz can you? I sleep when the sun manages to get its big round celestial bum high up the sky.

It's now 3PM and I still have eaten anything.
Oh look the mother is here.

And yes as with all Filipinos we are delayed again.
I wanted to go get some stuff at the mall and I wanted to bring Mom along.
It's cause sometime sI barely see here due to the fact that I'm constantly out the house and when she comes home form work I immediately leave to do something useless around the area.

Oh yes...
Im getting told off for not having anything to eat yet.

Speaking about the word: "eat".
The past tense "ate", which we normally pronounce like the number 8, is actually prononuced as "et".

Oh well I'm mentally blocked right now.
I have nothing to say. Goodbye for teh meantime then.

Oh yes, Frances you should start blogging too.

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