Saturday, 13 June 2009

Thai chicks are pretty hot man

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Long title?

Yeah I guess so. x]
Well the day passed really quickly today, went to Church and got really distracted. I know it's wrong but I got carried away.

Went to Seef with Jay C., Mae (Mariam) and Momay met up with their friends, well Jp was there and I decided that I had to make the great step forward.

I had a chat with him. The thing is after he dated my bestfriend Naj, things have gotten really quirky between the both of us. I'd be a hypocrite not to say that in the end I didn't really approve of their relationship, not because I'm a horrible person (so Paula once called me x]) but because I knew it wouldn't really work.
I guess after trying to settle it with JP the biggest hole was fixed but I know things won't be quite the same, though I think the mere act of letting grudges go is enough at the moment.
I don't want anything to drag me down, admittedly I guess what happened was partly my fault. But past is past, we've all learnt our lessons and looking forward to the better future is a more useful exercise.

I've hurt alot of people during my stay on earth and alot of people have hurt me.
As much as I'd love to apologise for everything that I've said or done that adversely affected different relationships, or have them apologise to me viceversa.

I guess even with so much effort, alot of obstacles are going to be hitting us in the face.
Pride. Anger. Bitterness?

Well I just don't realy feel like sleeping at night knowing a bunch of lovely folks have something against my pretty behind.

* * *

After Seef we got a ride over to BCC and Momay bought another pair of headphones. Which really puzzled all of us, coz after buying a pair of Sony's he got himself a pair of Ear Pollution's.
Well during the car ride home however he did give the latter pair to me.
Told me to count it as an early Birthday present...

17 in a month folks.


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