Sunday, 7 June 2009

To have you fall into my arms one more time

I am now officially full.

I've spent the entire day clearing my stuff out and cleaning shoes. I never realised I had so many, so I guess my folks were right I do waste alot of money on footwear. It's as if i'm stepping on money don't you think? An ironic realisation. So technically we wear money, eat money, and soon if we are trapped into teh world of money. It will soon consume us. Money eats us at the end?


Oh I discuss these mental ramblings far too much.

So getting up at around 11AM, I was originally plannign to go pick up my weights and pump for half an hour. But I lacked the mentality to do it properly. So after a couple of sets I decided taht I was getting and nowhere and just loafed around online. But to my dismay when I do wnat to talk to people, everyone was online, but they were all busy.

Had my chunk of my flame cooked chicken for lunch, the started on my shoes. Which got awfully boring in an hour. So after 4 pairs were cleaned, I cleared out all the shizz underneath my bed.

The mother came in and "tried" to help, which resulted in me almsot having my chargers and orig CDs in the trash. (To think of it I am missing that Busta Rhymes CD -.-). Daym.

*Goes and grabs chocolate from the fridge*

Damn Twix White is just... Damn.

Moving onwards...

Chatted with a couple of friends and went out for a brief jog.

I should really measure that strip and I'll give you the details tomorrow.

But I was proud after about 4-5km.. I just have to measure how long the distance is.

I think 2.5 km in less than 7 minutes was that it?

I'm no triathlete by any measure... but its the start of something.


This feel like one of those accounts that you had to write during third and fourth grade.
Oh I really don't miss those by any means.

* * *

Before I have someone ask me what my titles mean, tehy're basically random thoughts that I don't talk about during the course of the day. Their origins are unknown, a thought, a craving, something that I had wished I'd told someone, a comedic reference to a certain event, object, work of art, saying et cetera.
Plain random would do as an explanation to them.

But they're not really random.

Well if you do wnat to know just let me know why I called a particular entry that.

Anyways before this proceeds to constant garbled knackerings.
Ciao... x]

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PatheticKt said...

What a cheesy title! Horrible! Glad, they're definitely random thoughts. I dare you: the next time you post, have a relevant title . . . just this once, please? :) Haha! Anyway, stop working out, it's already enough. You should be concerned about your mouth, not your body structure :p Although, I'm thinking of jogging every morning but procrastination = bliss. By the way, help me around here in this site, will you? See you!