Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Community Service


I'm at Alliance Francaise doing commuinity service.

Our servers are down, so I stopped doing community service.

I'm plurking and blogging doing service to my onlince community.

Is that still community service?

Au Revoir.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Metalhead Meets JRock

Jayce trying out his new look.

Fressh - with a double "s"

Honestly for a week now I've been thinking of deleting this blog since most oh the older posts that I've published seem to be very bland... and unreflective of my state of affairs. Not to mention I'm a fan of blank pages and new beginnings, but I guess this time I shall let perfectionism be one of the voices in my head that I shall ignore tonight. Throughout this paragraph my chain of thought has been constantly interrupted and I find that rather annoying , not to mention that I absolutely abhor being disturbed when I'm immersed in the literary arts.

This reminds me of one of those personality tests I took with one question that asked "If you were immersed in work and you were suddenly interrupted, what would you're reaction be?". I guess I lied there and said my reaction would vary from the two extremes since the only extreme that I react with nowadays is "extreme anger".

Interruptions. Interruptions. Interruptions.
I really don't have the heart to throw a fit right now, with all the commotion around me. Anyways they wouldn't know what sort of mental exercise I'm having with my brain right now and the enjoyment I get with writing about meandering thoughts and the analytical churning that I love to do.

Anyways, what are my plans with my blog?
Well honestly right now, I should really stop with the procrastination and blog everyday, for one thing I've always loved writing and here I get to write my heart out. It's a healthy mental exercise (I think I've mentioned that earlier). And I do have a few followers.

I'm not going to delete this blog because either I'm proud of my previous posts or not they are still part of my history and I wish for them to stay. Not to mention losing hose memories.

I shall quit procrastination!
I shall quit procrastinating!
I shall... *sigh*

Maybe I should add a few pictures here and there, to spice up my entries a little.

So folks consider this a fresh new post for a fresh new renzonator.

* * *

Let's just say that these last few days hasn't really been a walk in the park for me.
It all started with my ear infection.

The ear infection.
Currently on antibiotics, painkillers and ear drops, add the supplements and cough and cold medicine and I'm a junkie. Three cheers for that folks!

So after being delayed for a presumably 9 days, I managed to trudge to Alliance Francaise in Isa Town to register for language courses in guess which language? Come on?
Well for a couple of days I've promised that I'd try to come and register, as well as help around in their library but I haven't had the chance to since my maternal parent, which I often refer to as "The Mother" when I am blatantly annoyed, has been hindering me from going and the fact that Habeel left last week meant that we had to spend some time with him. So yes, I made the director of branch of the French government wait for me. Hey did I mention he has to wait for me again tomorrow because although I promised I was going to come in the morning I have an affair to tend to thanks to The Mother?

The Mother.
I'm also officially back to kick gluteus maximus. I mean I'm back in Karate as of today... wait did I also mention that The Mother doesn't want her only son kicking gluteus maximus and doesn't approve of the art?

Sarcasm aside I love her to bits.

One leaves forever. One is heartbroken. One is guilty for heartbreaking. One is a killer. One has been harassed. Another one is also heartbroken. One is going to get his gluteus maximus kicked by yours truly. The rest are all-for-one and one-for-all in driving me nuts by listening to them and having them comforted by yours truly the gluteus maximus kicker Renz Tengco.

A little ego from me to you.

Honestly apart from that stress. Im actually happy. I repeat happy. (I'm not on drugs). That people still believe I give good advice and I'm a good shoulder to cry on or punch or bite...etc.

Yes I'll be honest it boosts the self esteem. Food for my already hyper obese, heavily inflated, split personality I call "The Ego".

It touches my heart that you guys still run to Renz when you're in deep poopoo.
Don't worry you guys might be stressful and wrinkle causing but I love you guys to bits.

And that's with my sarcasm aside.

Oh well...

I'm off... here is a recent picture of me.

I was alone in my favourite shop. Yes I got ditched needless to say. They were buying bikinis.

Left in the dark?
I meant I was sort of with a couple of chicks and they let me off so they could buy bikinis, who they were for decency considerations I shall not name...

Smile. I'm hawtt.

My ego! It's taking over!  

Damn how I love the word bikini.