Saturday, 29 August 2009

Empty Glass

Well the week was pretty uneventful apart from the more than occasional arguments with my dear Nikki, whom I really want to murder on more than frequent occasions as well, but I guess it's part of the package.

Let's see I'm alone in the office merrily tapping away at my laptop whilst listening to some trance from the master DJ himself, Van Dyk. I've been actually wondering fro a few hours now if I should get his album instead of the Classic Crime's one.

I've been drifting to electronica now, and I guess I need a couple of new tunes to add to my overflowing harddrive.

So why am I alone?

Well let's just say everyone is out or I've probably come too late to come with them, or have arrived to early to not wait for them to come back.


I'm seriosuly not in my mind churning mood, my throat's been iffy for a week now and it's seriously not helping.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Paper Hearts...

I guess I procrastinated so much that i forgot, anyways I shall procarastinate again and post up my short story later.

Later, meaning not so soon okay?


Thursday, 20 August 2009


I just finished munching on one of those caramel filled nougat based candybars and I feel like a pig.
I'm going to type a sentence down that I have typed over and over again throughout a number of my entries: "It's been a long time since I've blogged" - well not generically the same words but the same meaning. Okay enough with the long pathetic explanations of my absence, let's just say I "got lost on the path of life".

Damn, I still feel like a pig.

Anyways I want to cordially welcome my two new friends to blogger.

So can we like have a big round of applause for Rita and Diana?


I promise if I'm not lazy I'll post one of my short stories online later.
I just hope no one ctrl+c's it and claims it theirs.

I'm so full of it.


While you're bored have a look at this convo.

Rita Christophi: there's nothing to advertise.
Rita Christophi: it's pathetic ramblings
Rita Christophi: ...much like yours.
Rita Christophi: xP
Renz: i just noticed
Renz: we kinda write in the same fashion
Rita Christophi: coool...what fashion is that?
Renz: my friend katie as well
Renz: cynically ramble-some
Rita Christophi: ...yeah i kinda do that.
Rita Christophi:
Rita Christophi: is ramble-some even a word??
Renz: shakespeare made up words wen he coudlnt think of shizz
Renz: maybe
Renz: oneday
Renz: hahaha
Rita Christophi: ohhh yeah...eyeball and alligator's all i remember
Renz: lol
Renz: u know
Renz: i wonder
Renz: the real expression of language is not to express yourself in the language we know
Renz: but to express yourself manipulating the language we know
Renz: that is the only way we could ever really truly have expression
Rita Christophi: do you expect to me to reply to that statement, shakespear jr.?
Renz: compliment me!
Renz: hahaha
Rita Christophi: you're fantastiker.
Rita Christophi:
Rita Christophi: than mr. wafi
Rita Christophi: you're so smart..weeee...
Renz: why do i feel like hating you all of a sudden?
Renz: x]
Rita Christophi: that's what true love is about baby...passion
Rita Christophi: passionate love or passionate hate
Renz: gosh
Renz: hahahhaa
Renz: im actually writng an etry write now
Renz: lol
Rita Christophi: it's all about me right??
Rita Christophi:
Rita Christophi: 'rita's so amazing, i wish i could marry her but that would be statutory rape....'
Rita Christophi:
Renz: i thoguht i was so full of myself
Rita Christophi: i'm full of myself too.
Rita Christophi: it stems from MY self esteem issues
Renz: yes i have those too
Rita Christophi: i know.
Renz: i'm posting a portion of this convo btw
Renz: i just wanted to let you know
Rita Christophi: so it IS about me.
Rita Christophi: hahaha...
Renz: LMAO
Renz: not entirely you selfcentered ***************
Renz: XD
Rita Christophi: wow...i have yet to hear a swearword that is that long...
Rita Christophi: unless it;s mf-er...
Rita Christophi: which is grossly inaccurate btw.
Renz: i have to copypaste now
Renz: lool
Rita Christophi: have fun with that.
Rita Christophi: :P

of course if there are blanks those are yahoo smileys.

Be back in awhile.

Monday, 10 August 2009

I wonder if I'd win.

It's 2.56AM and I should be in sleepy-land.

Too many things bothering me though.
I guess I just need rest,
damn my selfesteem is acting up too.


I need to wake up fresh.

9.45AM would be bliss, maybe I can reflect then.