Saturday, 29 August 2009

Empty Glass

Well the week was pretty uneventful apart from the more than occasional arguments with my dear Nikki, whom I really want to murder on more than frequent occasions as well, but I guess it's part of the package.

Let's see I'm alone in the office merrily tapping away at my laptop whilst listening to some trance from the master DJ himself, Van Dyk. I've been actually wondering fro a few hours now if I should get his album instead of the Classic Crime's one.

I've been drifting to electronica now, and I guess I need a couple of new tunes to add to my overflowing harddrive.

So why am I alone?

Well let's just say everyone is out or I've probably come too late to come with them, or have arrived to early to not wait for them to come back.


I'm seriosuly not in my mind churning mood, my throat's been iffy for a week now and it's seriously not helping.

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