Thursday, 20 August 2009


I just finished munching on one of those caramel filled nougat based candybars and I feel like a pig.
I'm going to type a sentence down that I have typed over and over again throughout a number of my entries: "It's been a long time since I've blogged" - well not generically the same words but the same meaning. Okay enough with the long pathetic explanations of my absence, let's just say I "got lost on the path of life".

Damn, I still feel like a pig.

Anyways I want to cordially welcome my two new friends to blogger.

So can we like have a big round of applause for Rita and Diana?


I promise if I'm not lazy I'll post one of my short stories online later.
I just hope no one ctrl+c's it and claims it theirs.

I'm so full of it.


While you're bored have a look at this convo.

Rita Christophi: there's nothing to advertise.
Rita Christophi: it's pathetic ramblings
Rita Christophi: ...much like yours.
Rita Christophi: xP
Renz: i just noticed
Renz: we kinda write in the same fashion
Rita Christophi: coool...what fashion is that?
Renz: my friend katie as well
Renz: cynically ramble-some
Rita Christophi: ...yeah i kinda do that.
Rita Christophi:
Rita Christophi: is ramble-some even a word??
Renz: shakespeare made up words wen he coudlnt think of shizz
Renz: maybe
Renz: oneday
Renz: hahaha
Rita Christophi: ohhh yeah...eyeball and alligator's all i remember
Renz: lol
Renz: u know
Renz: i wonder
Renz: the real expression of language is not to express yourself in the language we know
Renz: but to express yourself manipulating the language we know
Renz: that is the only way we could ever really truly have expression
Rita Christophi: do you expect to me to reply to that statement, shakespear jr.?
Renz: compliment me!
Renz: hahaha
Rita Christophi: you're fantastiker.
Rita Christophi:
Rita Christophi: than mr. wafi
Rita Christophi: you're so smart..weeee...
Renz: why do i feel like hating you all of a sudden?
Renz: x]
Rita Christophi: that's what true love is about baby...passion
Rita Christophi: passionate love or passionate hate
Renz: gosh
Renz: hahahhaa
Renz: im actually writng an etry write now
Renz: lol
Rita Christophi: it's all about me right??
Rita Christophi:
Rita Christophi: 'rita's so amazing, i wish i could marry her but that would be statutory rape....'
Rita Christophi:
Renz: i thoguht i was so full of myself
Rita Christophi: i'm full of myself too.
Rita Christophi: it stems from MY self esteem issues
Renz: yes i have those too
Rita Christophi: i know.
Renz: i'm posting a portion of this convo btw
Renz: i just wanted to let you know
Rita Christophi: so it IS about me.
Rita Christophi: hahaha...
Renz: LMAO
Renz: not entirely you selfcentered ***************
Renz: XD
Rita Christophi: wow...i have yet to hear a swearword that is that long...
Rita Christophi: unless it;s mf-er...
Rita Christophi: which is grossly inaccurate btw.
Renz: i have to copypaste now
Renz: lool
Rita Christophi: have fun with that.
Rita Christophi: :P

of course if there are blanks those are yahoo smileys.

Be back in awhile.

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