Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Return of the Shenanigans

For crying out loud I haven't posted an entry in like forever.

Seriously I wonder if I've suddenly forgotten my love for writing, and the long shenanigans I'd often tell people about writing as the only art I practice.

I can't bloody maintain a blog, nor have I maintained one properly. :S

Seriously I'm such a hypocrite sometimes. x]

Let's start with an update shall we?

I am extremely annoyed, my mind is constantly perplexed with the constant "crap" I get and I want to seriously murder the next person who would try and piss me off (or Soulja Boi - honestly I seriously don't get his songs sometimes, and how is his name spelt? Is it one damned word/name? Maybe his real name is Soldier Boy. No offense Soldier Boy! :).  <-- look a bracket and a smiley.

Apart from that, things are getting rather blissful, if any of you care to know, and I'm turning into a rather busy chap these days.

Okay back to my frustrations.

Did I tell you about how annoyed I was?

Let me tell you a little story, imagine you were a dinosaur and you were the kick-butt Tyrannosaurus Rex and you wanted to hug someone, but it was hard because you had small arms and you couldn't reach and therefore this pissed you off. (According to "scientific claims" made by Rita Christophi, some bloody high-school blogger who shares my opinions on things. Love you Rita xD) So every time you tried to hug that green dude who's always scared of you, you know that one with a Mohawk that's gotten so hard with gel that it turned into bone through its back? (Yes according to my research he had a hairy back so he decided to gel that too) Stegg Stegosaurus? You'd be unable to hug him lest you push your freak face in front of his and scare the living shenanigans out of him. (Have I been using the word shenanigans too much now? Shenanigans. Shenanigans. Shenanigans!) So then you're annoyed because you can't hug him because he thinks you want to have him for brunch in between your quesadillas. 

So in turn you want to tear him apart for being so judgmental, you know like rip his little head off and chew till your molars feel like their John Rambo (wait was he called John right?).

Seriously what started out to be a stupid story is actually describing what I feel. >.<

It's just that I haven't eaten anyone yet, because my last name is Tengco and not Lecter and I don't want a cheap Filipino B-rated horror movie made out of my story. (I love Philippine cinema but have you seen the B movies?) I wonder what it would be called "Pananahimik ng mga Kambing", "Rennie-bal" perhaps? And I'm not balding! >.<>

You know sometimes I want to do something out of care (and sometimes [only rarely] affection) and they think you wanna bite their heads off?

By the way for the record please substitute Stegg Stegosaurus for Polly the Penguin if you guys start thinking I'm a homosexual. No offense to that group either, we all cool B-).

For the record I am not gay.

(I think Rita is!)


Anyways the show is up on Thursday and you're all invited.

For a minimal fee that is.



I'm done with tonight's post...



rita_mc47 said...


It's cute how you seem so violent and yet still make me wanna hug you. My little T-Renz...

Yeah his name WAS John.

Aw, love you too baby. xD

Renz said...

Awwhh my Lebanese felafel.
Sorry was just a little annoyed today that was all.
You know if I rewrote this it probably sound like a cracked article?


rita_mc47 said...

BTW! It wasn't scientific! I saw it on MLIA...(the dinosaur thing. xD)

rita_mc47 said...

Yeah it might. Not. You still need some cynicism and alot more dick jokes. xD

Renz said...

I'm sure if I were put any dick jokes
...when i do plan on taking politics
when i grow up


they'd dig them up and add some communism towards it and some aliens and I'd be impeached

paranoid much?

and i thought u had originality baby?